7 things high self-esteem people don't do

When you have high self-esteem you honour and value yourself, your talents and abilities, and have no guilt or shame taking care of yourself. You cherish yourself in a non-arrogant way and respect your needs and wants because you have a healthy view of yourself and feel worthy. 

Take a look below for a list of 7 things high self-esteem people don't do:

1. They don't compare and despair. Although they have empathy and compassion for others, they stay focused on themselves and what's happening in their life - not on everyone else's.

2. They don't look around for compliments because they don't need to keep looking for attention. They are not conditional, if they  do something for you, it's from their heart not so you swarm all over them. 

3. They don't people please for validation and approval, they like themselves so they please themselves in a non self-centered way.

4. They don't try and pretend they are perfect. They accept they are perfectly imperfect. They focus on progress not perfection.  

5. They don't procrastinate. They make commitments to themselves and stick to them. They feel worthy of success and know they cant achieve success if they procrastinate.  

6. They don't sit in judgment of others. They don't criticise as they know they are not perfect so they don't knock others for their flaws and shortcomings.

7. They don't quit when things get tough. They keep going and become even more determined to succeed when they get rejected, rather than allow it to crush their confidence.

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