7 billion universes: perception makes all the difference

Each person on this planet has a unique perception of what the world is, based on experience, beliefs, culture and what makes each person unique.

Do we believe what we see or do we see what we believe?

You would need to take seven billion points of perception to have a pretty accurate idea of what the world is about. Our five senses are very limited to translate the “reality” of the world or should I say the subjectivity of the world.

Science is pointing more and more precisely towards the fact that the world around us is a hologram projected from inside out from seven billion sources all connected to “the field”. We don’t know for sure what the world is about and based only on what we can sense, it is as if we would only have a few pieces of a huge puzzle to guess what the big picture is.

I believe that we see what we believe and that changing our perception of the world is essential in order to start to see a different one. The more we look at mainstream news, the more we lose hope in Human kind and the more we contribute to a darker world. We often focus on what we don’t want and there for reinforce and give energy to it.

John Demartini said: “Energy flows where attention goes”.

The best way to change the world is to start deciding for ourselves what we want the world to be and to act accordingly. We are not victims but active actors of our lives. Taking control of our thoughts is probably the best way to create a different perception and to contribute to a better world. You can raise your vibration by focussing on all the good aspects of your life and the world, being grateful for what you have, being calm to make decisions according to what you want rather than to react to what you don’t want.

It is not about denying some sad realities of our world but deciding consciously not to add to this vibration by being aware of what we do and how we impact the entire world with our thoughts, behaviours and emotions.

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London, SE20
Written by Denis Gorce-Bourge, MANLP - RMT, Business, Career & Life Coach, Author & Speaker
London, SE20

I am an Executive and Life Coach. I spent most of my time helping people to change their perception of situations and potential future in order to open new possibilities. This article is aligned with this attempt to change life by changing perception.

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