6 useful tips for an awesome year

Happy New Year! Here are a few tips for getting the best from 2017.

1. Be prepared

Start using the tools before you need them! There will be times throughout the year when you aren’t operating on full power and when you are feeling ill, depressed, defeated or demotivated. It’s during these times that your resilience and bouncebackability will be tested. You need to build up your resilience before you need it to enable you to bounce back even stronger than before. What tools and strategies do you incorporate into your daily life? Affirmations? The attitude of gratitude? Exercise? Get started now so that they become a habit and you automatically put them into practice when you need them. Where can you find these tools? There are lots of groups virtual and real that you can join, get Googling.

2. Start on a high

Review your year, this can be difficult if you have to rely on your memory, what were you doing last January? Go back through your diary, have a session with friends or family asking for their highlights.

In preparation for new year 2018 start an achievement jar. Pop a note in there every time you do something you are pleased or proud with – when you’ve stretched your comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, it could be making that uncomfortable phone call, having an honest conversation, posting a Tweet, running 1km further or some feedback from a client.

Read through these notes at the end of the year, or pick one out if you are in need of inspiration throughout the year. Tip – I put the date on my notes to help give a bit more context to them.

3. Think big

Get yourself a notebook just for ideas and thoughts. A pocket size one is good so that you carry it with you. Make three sections and label them separately: Section one - be, section two - have, section three – do.

Over a period of time, days or weeks write down everything you want to be, have or do in your lifetime. Don’t limit it just because it doesn’t seem attainable right now. Be creative, let your imagination run wild!

4. Visioning

For those with a visual preference create a vision board. Pictures, words, anything that you want to attract into your life. It could be for work, family, home, health – anything you want to improve or change.

5. Mapping

There are lots of ways to do this, there are some good free mind mapping tools out there, I like to use my flipchart and stick it on my wall allowing me to see it every day. I can add to it and take stock to see how I’m progressing.

6. Goals setting

We often get hung up on goal setting, it can seem a big and daunting activity. It isn’t! Start with small daily goals to get you comfortable and confident – make them SMART.

  • Specific (what do I want to achieve?) E.g. write and publish a new year article.
  • Measurable (how will I know I’m on track or not?) Check in at 11:30am and 2:00pm to see if I am on track for the time deadline.
  • Achievable (have I got the internal resources?) The skills knowledge and importantly the belief I can do it? - Yes.
  • Realistic (have I got the external resources?) Time, quiet space, internet access, information from others? - Yes.
  • Time deadline (when do I want to have it completed?) 5pm today.

Wishing you an amazing year.
Alison x

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