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Competence and confidence are so entwined and although ‘confidence’ comes by means of many different things that affect us, let’s just have a look at this in the context of our work.

I had a pretty tough time as a kid what with asthma and then boarding school etc., so when I returned home and set off to go to college, again, my confidence was hit as I knew no one there. Education/peer influences came from a school miles away, so, as a past-time I took up karate (of which I still participate in today) and this was the catalyst of change towards the confident person I am today.

Now I’m not suggesting we all go out and do martial arts, but, lessons I learnt along the way can be summarised in these key areas.

1. BREATHE: When you are nervous, don’t talk, but breathe until you calm down. This also works in cases where you are preparing for a big event and are stressed out.

2. BODY LANGUAGE: The next time you feel down, look at your posture. You are probably walking with a very bad posture. If so, change it right then: eyes forward, back straight, keep your head high.

3. SET GOALS: If you do not have goals in your life then you do not know where you are going. Set goals ensuring they are very clear and have a deadline on them. Put ‘priority’ numbers on all your goals because that is the best way your brain works.

4. COMPLIMENT YOURSELF: Have you ever complimented yourself on a daily basis? If not, set about changing that. Say things like: “Wow, Neil came to me to help him as he knew I could help and I did”.

5. EXERCISE AT WORK: Start reading books on subjects that either you’re good at or interested in, talk to people that also have this capacity, become a real expert at it. Congratulate yourself from time to time about your particular ability and cherish it.

6. THE MINDSET: Get into a CAN DO mind set. Become a person that rarely says “I can’t do this” or “I’ll do it later”. Use strong, motivating words like “I will do this”, “I am doing it”, “Sure”, “Yes” and “Of course I can”.

These are only 6 of a set of 9 I work from, if you would like the complete set, email and I will send the un-abridged version.

Whether for someone in your team or yourself, Coaching to Success looks to facilitate this growth in confidence, speak to someone who lives as he believes and contact me at neil@coachingtosuccess.co.uk or even build that confidence by picking up the phone and calling 07761 187238, where you’ll be assured a friendly and positive greeting.

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