5 ways to get back on track!

Even the most successful, motivated and dynamic people find themselves straying from the tracks from time to time. For all of us in fact, I would argue that this is a fact of life – with most of us having blips in confidence, energy, focus and direction periodically (or even a little too frequently!).

So if you’re feeling a bit ‘off-piste’, rudderless and lacking in the mojo/inspiration/drive that was more characteristic of a past life, here are five things you can do now to help you reclaim the track or path that feels right for you:

1) Make one small change

Being off track is often characterised by a marked lack of motivation. We assess our life, realise changes need to happen, go into a state of overwhelm which can result in a massive motivation plummet. By making a commitment to make just one small manageable day-to day change (ie: getting up half an hour earlier, changing one aspect of our diet, walking for a few hours a week etc.) this in itself can kick-start a much needed transformational shift. And the main thing is – just focus on this one change, and build up gradually as the momentum grows (which it will!).

2) Get clear!

By making these small shifts, it should put you in a better frame of mind for getting clear on what has been stopping you from getting back on track. Getting clarity by fully facing up to what is holding you back – however uncomfortable the prospect might seem – really is the first step in the process towards desired change. For some people, this may start as a period of self-reflection alongside discussion with either trusted friends or a coach. Whether you speak it out loud, write it down, spend time in thought, chat to others – do everything you can to get clear!

3) Get inspired

One of the best ways to get our brains back into gear is to get inspired. It doesn’t really matter how you do this – the source of inspiration doesn’t even have to relate to your situation directly. The main thing is to feed yourself with creative/interesting/energising experiences. Set time aside to visit a gallery, see a film or play, take an interesting walk, travel to somewhere you’ve never been, read an inspiring book… whatever your interests may be. And do this as often as you can.

4) Be with the right people

The people we spend time with have a huge impact on all aspects of our lives – and crucially, the way we view ourselves. Anyone who is on track in their life will say that they feel good about themselves most of the time. Spend as much time as you can with people who reflect back to you how you want to feel and the way you want to be in the world. Focus on the positive, honest, supportive people – those quality individuals who take a genuine interest. And for those who don’t fit into that category? My advice is to ditch them, wherever possible!

5) Be nice to yourself!

More than anything, in the process of getting back on track – you must be nice to yourself! While making small changes, hanging out with the right people, getting inspiration and investing time to get all-important clarity – will all nourish and help you move forward; keeping a healthy, self-loving frame of mind will stop you from putting up any obstructive barriers. And a big part of this is not dwelling on your perceived 'mistakes' of the past. What you do from now on is all that matters.

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