Five things to consider when attempting that all important decision

Historically I’ve had to make decisions and kept looking at the options without really knowing what the blazes to do. Instead of gaining clarity, the more I looked, the more frustrated I became!

Knowing I’m not alone on this, this article is based on how to put some steps into action to aid that final decision, so here goes.

You know what it’s like, you make correct decisions, woohoo, everything pops up with that wonderful fragrance of roses. However, when it goes wrong, all you can smell is that stuff you put around the base of them! So surely it’s imperative that we offer some mindful consideration that isn’t blinded entirely by emotional outcome.

Here’s Coaching to Success’ hit-list of things you should do to take steps in achieving the required goal:

  • The Gathering – I’m not reminiscing about Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert in Highlander but talking about information! Look within yourself as well as factual or logical sources. Are you comfortable with the potential outcome and have you the skill-set to manage it. What information do you need? Write these down so they’re not scrambling for positioning or confusing your thought process.
  • What else? – As you gather your data and information, be sure not to become blinded by a singular path to find the answer! By this, I mean that we often will find alternative ways of doing the thing we seek. Keep these and add them as possibilities to your list.
  • Get the scales out! – All areas of decision can be measured and these values weighed. For example, create a pros and cons list such that you rate each item by a score of up to 10. Write a split list of pros on one side and cons the other. Try not to be biased but look at each item independently and weight it according to your chosen criteria. Now bring the emotional elements on how it will affect you with the practical, logical or financial ones. Tot up all the scores to see which comes out strongest.
  • Bite the bullet, make the decision – How often do we jump the gun (there’s a theme here!) and make a rash decision that doesn’t work out as hoped? From this, we assume other decisions will end in similar outcomes, however, using the above, your decisions won’t be so random but rather calculated!
  • Take action – Create a timeline, a plan with dates and order. This is your measure to ensure that your decision is correct. As part of this sequence, set in review dates or times to asses and make sure that your decision is still the correct one. If it’s a purchase, allow time before making it, checking there are no other unconsidered areas.

These are an informal methods of introducing ways to help with decision making. Coaching to Success utilise these and other tools to help you with the process. Along with other areas of making positive change.

Our business is about your success and your future successes are in your hands so give us a call so we can help you turn the ideas into reality. 

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