Five things highly confident people DO NOT do.

I am a regular person with flaws, shortcomings and defects. I experience challenges and bad days, however because I have self- confidence, I am not aiming for perfectionism so I don't let any of this hold me back.

When I was a struggling actress I experienced so many rejections and lost my self -belief. I soon learned if I don't believe in me then others won't believe in me.  

Do you have self-belief, self-confidence and high self-esteem?

Check out five things highly confident people DO NOT do.

1. They Do NOT poeple-please

Highly confident people know that it is exhausting and a futile exercise to try to please everyone so they don't. They are aware saying yes when they actually mean no is being dishonest and looking for outside approval which they don't need.

2. They Do NOT defend, explain or justify

Highly confident people are at ease with expressing how they feel. They don't  feel obliged to go into detail when they don't want to do something or they don't want to agree with something. They are willing to at times compromise, but they don't crawl before anyone.

3. They Do NOT hang with toxic people

Highly confident people get that they have to be vigilant around who they spend time with as they understand they emulate who they associate with. They are not spiteful to toxic people, they just don't expel that much time or invest that much energy with them as they prefer to be around healthy, positive people.

4. They Do NOT procrastinate

Highly confident people re-frame their mental state daily from a resistant state to a positive, focused, proactive state. Although at times they may not be enthusiastic about taking the action they are required to take they JUST DO IT!.

5.They Do NOT allow others to manipulate them

Highly confident people are close friends with their intuition and therefore comfortably stand their ground around what they think, do and say. Sure, they ask for guidance, and often flesh things out with advisers, friends, coaches, and mentors but they won't be manipulated into doing what's best for others if it doesn't feel right to them.

If you could benefit from improved self-confidence and self-esteem, making an appointment with a life coach is a good step forward. 

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