Five things confident people never do

Discipline displays inner strength and self-belief and it’s very attractive. Confident people often have to postpone or eliminate activities that will get in the way of their goal.

Tricky circumstances and obstacles crop up persistently for all of us, but successful people do not allow themselves to be tempted or derailed. They are on a mission, which is to achieve what they want to achieve. This isn’t just about business; this principle applies to absolutely anything.

If successful people find that their old ideas and old thoughts haven’t brought results, they get shot of them and propel themselves into a new state of consciousness by waking up to themselves and reframing the way they think and act.

Here are the five things confident people never do:  

1. They don’t play games 

Confident people are honest in their interpersonal relationships and, because they are comfortable with themselves, they act in accordance with themselves. Those with low confidence ‘act out on their feelings', while successful people verbalise them gently yet firmly, with no emotional charge. When you don’t possess confidence you don’t feel you have the right to ask for what you need or state how you feel. You are too concerned with what people will think of you, or whether you will be rejected or punished in some way for having a different view or for saying no. Also, you don’t want to rock the boat or create a storm.

2. They don't explain, justify or defend

You don’t owe an explanation to anyone, so if you give one, give one from choice and not from obligation. Once you start valuing your time and yourself, you will not want to please people and say yes when you mean no. Check your motive when you say yes instead of no; work out why you were dishonest with them and with yourself. Be clear about what your priorities are and why you feel such a strong need to be nice all the time.

If you struggle to say no at work, then explain to your boss that when you have too many commitments you may be unable to give each project the time and attention it deserves and that this may weaken your productivity. If you feel uncomfortable to begin with, say you will respond in 24 hours. Get used to delaying your answer if you are a ‘yes’ person so that others no longer expect you to agree immediately; this will give them time to consider your situation or take you into account.

3. They don't have the need to always be right

Giving up the need to be right and saying ‘I may be wrong, you may be right’ will make you feel invigorated, empowered and comfortable with yourself, and will raise your self-confidence. When you use these tools, tips and techniques and your confidence rises, life will become more interesting and productive and you will feel content within. You will allow others to live how they want without the impulse to judge and criticise, as you will have let go of judging and criticising yourself.

4. They don't react to hostile people

Confident, successful people calm down angry people, energise lethargic people, and ask for clarification when they don’t understand something. They create synergy and understanding, they use non-judgemental language, and come up with strategies for solving problems. They focus on actions, not attitudes, and when they have a difficult situation to discuss, they dismiss all emotional charge and stick to the facts, speaking with the voice of sanity and reason.

5. They don't quit

Many famous people suffered setbacks and it didn’t stop any of them following their dreams. They don’t use these experiences as excuses. Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, George Bernard Shaw, George Eastman (creator of Kodak), Albert Einstein and Quentin Tarantino didn’t do well at school, while Avril Lavigne and Hilary Swank both quit school.


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