Five things confident people do day by day

Are you willing to 'do the work' and make an effort each day to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone to increase your confidence? In order to stand up, stand out and not be destabilised by obstacles and set backs you have to work on developing your inner core muscles daily. Success and confidence don't fall in our lap, we have to take action and give up what is not working in order to get the results we desire.

1. Confident people banish anxiety and fear in it's entirety

Anxiety and fear corrodes our spirit, saps our strength, ruins our focus and crushes our confidence and self-esteem. Setting aside some time each day to practise mindfulness meditation, pray, chant, go for a walk or run, practise yoga or listen to some calming music helps us reconnect with ourself, grounds and centres us and diffuses anxiety and stress. 

2. Confident people are not too proud to ask for help or for advice 

Not asking for help and struggling is a futile exercise. Acting like a martyr by wanting to appear like we know it all is not the cool thing to do. Confident people are not full of pride, so they dont feel awkward asking for help or admitting they dont know everything. They listen to learn and learn to listen and when they need to; they reach out.

3. Confident people are not living in fear, they are living in courage

They are aware fear is dispelled every time they rely on their inner strength and have face uncertainty with courage. They watch their self - talk and make sure it's positive, so they can give their full attention to the events transpiring and over ride fear so they can cultivate a healthy self-image even in the face of adversity. 

4. Confident people turn an adversity into an opportunity 

They keep situations in perspective as they understand no problem means the end of their world. They dont become destabilised or devastated when things go pear shaped. They realise every situation offers a unique opportunity to respond in a more mindful way and that they can transform an obstacle into an opportunity by shifting their perspective.

5. Confident people don't hang out with toxic people  

They are careful not to spend too much time or energy around energy vampires, debbie downers or moaners. They are aware enough to know that whoever they associate with they emulate. Confident people are not rude or agressive to toxic people, they just dont engage with them for long or hook into their drama. 

Make it happen - Why? It's your time to shine.

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