5 steps to deal with lockdown anxiety and exhaustion

Mental health crises have been on the rise since lockdown - stress levels have skyrocketed even though many people are now staying at home. It's easy to think that because people are home now, they shouldn't be stressed but trust me, what's happening is the direct opposite, and it's understandable. 


A study carried out by the Office of National Statistics showed that “39% of people in business now report increased levels of anxiety" compared to the 19% before the lockdown, that percentage is high! These times call for anxiety relief and lots of de-stressing because your well-being at home is fundamental. This COVID anxiety results from the stress of taking care of other people and yourself while working and probably carrying out homeschooling duties if you have kids. 

Formerly, one out of five people in the UK were likely to experience depressive symptoms at some point in their life, but with the lockdown that number has doubled! When the weight of your entire world rests on your shoulders, exhaustion is inevitable; you're working from home, managing your business, caring for your kids while you simultaneously juggle other responsibilities, this is bound to cause high-level stress and anxiety. You may be finding it difficult right now, but there's something you can do to combat and reduce COVID anxiety and exhaustion.

1. Create a schedule and stick to it

It is easy to get carried away and overwork, working increased hours because you're at home, but you need to start making your well-being at home a priority. Create a schedule of things you need to do on a particular day, set out time for work, rest, and time for household activities and bonding. Separating your responsibilities like this will reduce the stress of just going about your day randomly.

Go beyond just creating the schedule; make sure you stick to it! This is a sure way to reduce the anxiety attached to impromptu random work. Having a structure for your day allows you to gain some control over the uncontrollable situation of being in a lockdown.

2. Take time out to rest

Please rest! Someone once said, "if you don't take time out to rest, your body will do it for you" don't wait until you break down before you rest. Build a habit of resting now. Give yourself a timeout, a break from activities, and just relax.

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3. Start a new ritual

Like reading, listening to music or meditating - something to calm your nerves and refresh your mind. Meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and promote peace of mind.

4. Plan family activities

The lockdown has separated many families more than ever before; relatives and friends are stuck and can't come to visit. If you happen to be in a lockdown with your family, then plan out activities that will help you all bond. It's easy to feel disconnected and cut off in these times; these activities will foster a bond and help the family reconnect.

If you're stuck away from home, make time out to video call your loved ones, talk to them and plan for when things become normal again so that you have something to look forward to. Being optimistic about what's coming and having activities to look forward to can reduce anxiety and reduce exhaustion or fatigue. 

5. Exercise and eat healthily

More people eat junk food because of the lockdown, but it shouldn't be this way, even though I can't blame them. Use the opportunity to cook more or order healthy foods and exercise. Healthy food is packed with nutrients you need to boost your mood and reduce anxiety. Exercising also helps reduce feelings of exhaustion and stress because it improves your sleep and promotes endorphins production. 

Remember that this is the current situation, it isn't your final destination. There is light at the end of the tunnel and soon enough we'll all be living life to the full soon.

As Sir Captain Tom said "tomorrow is a new day".

Live above stress and COVID anxiety with these solutions!

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Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD5
Written by Hayley Austin, FACCPH
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD5

As an multi award-winning CAM life and business coach and stress management and mentoring specialist, I emphasise on offering a wide range of stress management and personal development programs to help professionals better handle their stress, anxiety, and other life struggles. I am also an NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

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