5 signs of low self-esteem

How can we make changes and expect things to improve if we have low self-esteem?

If you suffer from low self-esteem, don't despair as everybody at some time in their life suffers from low self-esteem.

Before we can make changes, we need to know what the signs are...

Here are my top 5 signs:

1. Constantly looking for outside approval and acceptance. Also placing someone else’s head above your own, feeling you must kneel in front of others. Lacking the commitment to pursue dreams as you don't feel you will achieve success, so you don't feel motivated and therefore are constantly procrastinating or starting things but not completing them.

2. Not asking for your needs and wants to be met. Often interfering in other people's lives and trying to fix them and be a caretaker to them whilst also allowing others to interfere in your life and struggling to set boundaries or say no. Getting upset when people don't meet your needs, not being aware that it is not down to anyone else to second guess what you want and need. Others are not mind readers. Being afraid of rejection, you feel apprehensive  around walking through your fears.

3. Thinking limiting thoughts and defending your self destructive behaviours, and ignoring positive feedback then wasting time moaning to friends about it and avoiding necessary confrontation. Repeating old habits, and wondering why things are not changing. Constantly pointing the finger of blame at others, and not taking responsibility for your part. Needing to get in the last word or be right.  

4. Buying into other people's opinions, which are merely opinions, not facts. Being easily swayed by what authority, parents, partners and others say, think, believe and do and not trusting your own intuition and gut feelings. Buying into other people's cynicism and negative views and limiting beliefs and operating from fear rather than positivity, optimism and courage.

5. Not facing issues head on, often deflecting from the truth or minimising, altering or denying how you feel and what's in front of you. Saying yes when you mean no. Running from problems, and often numbing out by overeating, binge drinking or taking drugs or excessive exercising or rigid calorie counting. Suffering in silence rather than suffer possible disapproval.  

Show up, speak up  and shine - why? It's your time to make it happen.

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