5 life hacks for coping with sudden change.

Lots of people find sudden change tricky to cope with. You are not alone. Change is messy and it probably won’t feel like a linear process as you move through it. You may have days where you don’t feel like you’re making any progress at all and that’s ok too, because in actual fact you are moving forwards all of the time.

But there are some things that you can do to be pro-active and help yourself through it. Please be reassured that when you emerge from this the other side, you will find clarity and become a better version of you.

So take a few deep breaths and read these 5 hacks that will help you to better cope with the changes that are happening:

1. Deal with the emotions gently.

I understand that the feelings that come up are very uncomfortable – even intense at times. You can have times where you go from wanting to cry, scream and laugh all in the space of a few hours. Maybe you’re even feeling desperate for some normality or ‘you’re old life’. Please, be kind to yourself. It’s ok to be allow these roller coaster days to happen. Remember that you are going through a process – one which has no time limits attached to it. It’s important to allow the feelings to come up and even sit with them for a short while, like everything in life – they will pass.

2. Be patient with the fog.
The process of change sometimes feel like life will never be the same again. It probably won’t – but in a good way. You are stronger than you realise and as a human being, you have the ability to endure some pretty tough situations. Trust in yourself and trust in the process.

3. Focus in the right area.
You can use your experience as a way to reflect on all that is good about your changes. Think of this as happening for you rather than to you and the life lessons will become apparent. Focus on who or what you have in your life and practise some gratitude for that. Taking this approach will help to shift your focus onto the things that have a positive impact on your mind.

4. Choose to keep going.
This is most definitely a choice. I know it can feel like a challenge at times and it’s ok to have days where you just take one step at a time. Things can feel so up in the air that on those days, your biggest achievement is getting out of bed and having a shower – it’s still a choice.

5. Ask for help.
Being strong on the face of things is unhelpful for you. Real strength is about knowing when to ask for help and open up to the possibility that someone can offer you support.

Still Unsure?

If change seems to have hit you between the eyes and you’re feeling wobbly then I would suggest grabbing a hold of the situation as soon as you feel able to.

Coaching is such a powerful way to ensure that changes are happening for you and not to you. You can use change to your greatest advantage and become a better version of yourself. 

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