4 and a half ways to unstick yourself and connect with your power

What in your life can you just not seem to figure out? Maybe you can’t get a partner or more money or a nicer house or work that you love or better health or you just can’t lose that weight…… Maybe you feel that you’re doomed not to succeed because no matter what you do you just don’t seem to be able to change it. 

You may well feel powerless and defeated and stuck, perhaps even frustrated. Everywhere you look you see people who have what you want and it just doesn’t feel fair.

What’s wrong with me you may be asking yourself…… NOTHING. Even though you may feel powerless and defeated, you are not. Let me say that again. You are not! You have power within in you that you can consciously choose to use. No matter what your story or what has brought you to be reading this today….. You can change your situation.

Wander with me a wee bit. Let me paint a picture for you…..… Imagine a field. It has tall grass in it. You’re standing at one side of the field and you want to get to the other side. Initially, it would take effort to get through the field because you’d have to carve out the path as you went….. However, once you’d walked this path many times you’d walk it with ease…… Now imagine if you then wanted to change the path in the field…. It would initially take more effort to create that new path. Maybe initially, until that new path was created, you’d feel tempted to use the old path again as it just seemed like less effort…. However, in time the new path would become established and you’d be able to use it with the same ease as the original path….. which would now be overgrowing as it wasn’t being used anymore.

So why on earth am I telling you about paths in fields??? Well, because our brains work in exactly the same way. We establish beliefs (mostly unconsciously) which become paths for the thoughts, choices and actions we take. A belief is just a thought you have had many times that you now believe. You can change your beliefs. It is possible.

So begin unsticking yourself and connecting to your power by:
1. Writing a new story about how you would like things to be and how having what it is you want will make you feel……read it every day and imagine what it would be like to be living it. Have fun with it!

Make a conscious decision not to talk about your old story or the details of it with anyone for one week. This will begin to change the energy around it and will create space for change.

As with all things practice makes perfect! So when you do catch yourself talking or thinking about how things still aren’t as you want them to be acknowledge you’re doing this and then replace that thought with something like this… ‘I’m creating a new story’ or ‘I can figure this out’ or ‘I am moving in the direction of what I want’

4. Each day find 3 things that you’re grateful about and write them down. It can be anything at all from any aspect of your life. This will help you to start directing your focus on things that are going well in your life – and the more good you see the more good you will see!

4.5. What on earth is the half about??? Well, truthfully it was just me teasing you to get your curiosity going! So be curious about what unfolds and no judgement. It only stifles your natural creativity and energy.

Remember, change won’t happen for you just by reading stuff…. You have to take action. Experiment to see if what I say here is true for you…And remember be curious… What have you got to lose?

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