3 powerful questions to ask yourself before setting goals for 2017

Can you believe that we are already almost half way through January 2017?

For many of my friends, family and clients 2016 was a really challenging year...

I am sure, however for many of you, that although some amazing things happened last year, like all of us you had some setbacks and difficulties too. Before you leap into 2017 I would like to suggest you set aside 15 minutes to pause, reflect, and review 2016.

Whatever went down in 2016 for you, I bet you have some accomplishments that you haven't yet acknowledged, owned or celebrated... maybe you let go of some old behaviours that were no longer serving you? Maybe you took some brave steps at work? Perhaps you overcame some hardcore lessons? Maybe you stepped away from a toxic friendship? Maybe you started saying no instead of always saying yes? Maybe you overcame some health issues? Maybe you supported someone else's vision? Maybe you started writing a novel? Maybe you started working out regularly? 

Ask yourself these three powerful questions before you plunge into or continue on with setting goals for 2017.

1. One big mistake that cost you dearly in some way that you made and the lesson that you learned.

Perhaps you didn't follow your intuition and you ended up losing money or dating someone that turned out to be a nightmare or you turned down a job that you really did want or took a job that isn't working out?

2. One thing you did in 2016 that you are proud of.

Perhaps you quit smoking or lost weight or you took the brave leap and started your dream business or you ended a relationship that was toxic or you stood up to your bossy boss or overcame your fear of spiders?

3. One thing you wish you had done in 2016 and didn't.

Perhaps you wanted to start working less and have more fun, or maybe you were determined to quit drinking so much alcohol or perhaps you wanted to build a prudent reserve or you wanted to learn a language?

Here's the thing by taking a few minutes to answer these powerful questions, you will clear any emotional and mental blocks and gain much more clarity for the coming year.


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