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10 Top Tips for Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Ok here's the thing the only way to really grow confident and feel good about yourself is to walk through any fears by being assertive, not aggressive and take action on anything that you feel nervous about. You will then feel powerful and amazing.

1 - Always have a small ego and a large soul.

2 - Quit putting others on a pedestal, we are all on equal ground,so park your own cute butt on a pedestal.

3 - Dont be a comparison junkie, or part of the 'aint it awful' club. Focus on all your assets and talents, not what you think you lack. Dont let comparisons eclipse your worth.

4 - Know your gifts and limitations, but dont flaunt either. Confidence is contageous, so is lack of confidence.

5 - Whether you are serving burgers or running the country humility is an equalizing attitude of respect towards yourself and others.

6 - Have a positive attitude, value yourself highly, assert your needs, see yourself as competent in control of your life. Take others opinions of you in your stride.

7 - Remember what others think of you is none of your business and what you think of others is none of their business.

8- Its a numbers game, so dont take rejection personally. It is just not a match until it is.

9 - Successful people have told me they were not
the most gifted or talented at school, but they chose to believe in themselves that anything was possible. They studied, practised and worked hard and achieved success.

10 - Remove 'I can't ' from your dictionary . Stay in a negative free zone. Remember the power of the spoken word, and that what we focus on expands. Transform any jealousy of others into admiration. True courage and self confidence has a quiet charisma.


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