10 Tips to Aid YOUR Own Confidence

60yrs at the helm and our Queen makes an exceptional role model for confidence. From the off-set, our monarch had a difficult task ahead of her and at such an early age whilst having lost her father too. Yet, she has always come across competent and confident.

Confidence is something we all lack at some point, so here are 10 steps to help you become the ‘Ruler’ of your own destiny.

  • Set goals – As a Business Coach, this is one of the most fundamental things we work on. By setting specific goals, actions and a timeline, you commit yourself to achieving something and this encourages confidence through commitment.
  • Improve conversational skills – This isn’t just being able to talk for England (our Sovereign can do that for us), but the ability to make eye contact, LISTEN and offer opinion without shirking away or becoming too vociferous.
  • Try new things – Not only can you develop new skills but it allows you to try things not experienced before. In turn, this enables you to accept new skills and confidence by helping you grow as a person.
  • Small steps – As a child takes their first teetering steps, building confidence is no different. Start small, i.e. at the next scheduled meeting, and promise yourself that you will vocalise your opinion. Decide to hold your head up high throughout the day and smile to everyone you meet.
  • Be happy with yourself – Being happy with the person you are whilst having a positive attitude is key to achieving confidence.
  • Seek out professionals –Purchase DVDs, Audio files, books, the guidance from a counsellor or coach (hello!) to reach your potential. All can offer strategies to help you move forward.
  • Get engaged – We're not talking marriage here. New experiences at work improve skillsets and personal growth. Look to take up the ‘Leadership’ role or join a group of which you will need to participate in.
  • Practice being confident – ‘Acting’ confident encourages the end result. The old expression of “Fake it until you make it” is very fitting! Inside your stomach may be turning in knots but once you start to experience the interest others have, pretence will soon fade into practice.
  • Use positive affirmations – Visualise yourself as a confident person. Check your history file in your memory bank of times that you were successful and tell yourself that you are a confidant person. Believe in this and smother negative thoughts before they have chance to grow.
  • Watch role models – Such as the Queen, people in politics, those in the limelight or even your own working groups or friends/family. Finding confident role models can help you become more confident yourself. Observe and learn their traits.

We all have areas or situations that a boost could help us, so, if you are wishing to portray yourself as being more confident, take the first step by speaking to someone who can help. Call us to arrange a free consultation by contacting Neil (07761 187238) or throw us an email at info@coachingtosuccess.co.uk we’re here to help, after all … Our business is YOUR success.  

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