10 statements to boost your confidence

Would you talk to a friend the way you talk to yourself?

It’s true that one of the most common ways in which we damage our self-confidence is in the way we talk to ourselves.

In my experience, many of the individuals that seek coaching for a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem usually have an inner self-talk that is rarely positive and, often, it is actually quite hurtful.

The problem is, we spend so much time inside our own heads. So, if the ongoing internal voice is negative and self-loathing, it can have big implications on our sense of self.

Although it’s often easier said than done, if you can, it’s important to talk to yourself as a good friend. Try using positive language and statements - you will give your self-belief a real boost.

I'm not a big believer in positive affirmations myself (I find repeating phrases over and over to myself doesn't work for me), but I do appreciate there are times when a positive statement can really give you a lift. Simple statements of self-love can help you carry on when you're struggling.

With this in mind, I've made a list of some of the phrases that past clients have said they find helpful when they are overcome by self-doubt. Try them in times when you’re lacking in confidence and self-belief - be your own best friend.

  • "I can't control my thoughts but I can choose my reaction to them."
  • "Failing is part of the journey to success."
  • "Having confidence isn't about not being scared, it's about putting yourself out there anyway."
  • "You can't change the other person but you can change your reaction to them."
  • "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." (Henry Ford)
  • "Do, or not do, there is no try." (Yoda)
  • "It's not something you should do but something you could do."
  • "If you change nothing, nothing will change." (Tony Robbins)
  • "You wouldn't worry what others think about you, if you realised how seldom they do." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
  • "If the mountain you want to climb is overwhelming, take it one molehill at a time."

It’s not easy to build confidence on your own - it will take time, work and, often, support from others. But, I hope that some of these statements resonate with you and can help you to see how important you are and can help to improve your self-confidence. You don't need to use them all the time but keep them listed somewhere for when you need a positive reminder about life.

I'd love to hear what phrases or quote work for you.

Good luck and feel confident.


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