10 Simple steps to progress

A practical way towards progress

Progress is defined as:  

‘movement toward an improved or more developed state’

Sound good?  ‘Yes’ I hear you say ‘if only I could get myself into that state on my own’.

It has been said that there are 10 things that we need to give up if we want to achieve that state.  The 10 things are:

·      Other people’s opinions

·      Expectations

·      Explanations

·      Past mistakes

·      Heart break

·      Grudges

·      Lack of appreciation

·      Excuses

·      Insecurity

·      Dealing with drama

In this article, I am going to focus on the first thing and that is other people’s opinions.

Who are these other people?


Why do their opinions matter so much to hinder our progression in life?

There are a number of reasons why this may be happening to you. One reason can be that each time you go towards something you want you begin to hear a voice in your head telling you:

You’re not good enough


You don’t deserve that


People like you don’t do that

And so on………

So you stop and take a step back instead of forward.

The interesting thing here is the question who is this other person?  Is it someone from your past or present, is that person you?

The best thing about life is moving forward towards continuous progress so that we can be the very best versions of our self and achieve greatness.  If we allow voices (all imagined and in our minds) to hold us back we are doing a disservice to our self through self-sabotage.  The quicker we are able to let go of these imagined things in our minds the quicker we can achieve our goals and reach our potential.

10 Simple Steps to Progress

1.    Close your eyes and think about what you want to achieve

2.    Get that picture in your mind it might be blurred that’s okay

3.    Focus on what you hear in your mind

4.    Focus on that voice and make it louder and louder

And open your eyes

Now close your eyes again and think or a funny character who makes you laugh it can be a cartoon character 

5.    Now think of want you want to achieve again

6.    Focus on that voice again

7.    Change that voice to the funny character’s voice

8.    Make the voice funnier and louder and louder, X the speed by 50 then 100

9.    Play it backwards until you are really laughing

10. Now pinch yourself whilst you are laughing

And open your eyes

Remember you can do this at any time by yourself or with your coach don’t let those voices hold you back anymore and hinder your progress towards greatness.

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