10 Golden rules to setting and achieving your goals

How many times have you started a project or even imagined a new project and given up, sometimes half-way through or even before you started?

Crystal clear clarity is required when setting a new goal. The clearer you are, the more likely it is that you will achieve what you have set out to.

Here are some tried and tested tips, which will exponentially increase the likelihood of their achievement.

  • Once you have clarified what it is you want to achieve, ask yourself how serious you are about it. On a scale from one to 10, how committed are you to achieving your goal and paying the price required for its attainment.
  • Getting clear about the ‘why’ will help to keep motivation levels high. Is it in line with your values and the bigger picture of what you want to achieve? If not, what adjustments need to be made? If your goal is meaningful enough and in line with what you believe it, then you’re on the right track.
  • Get clear about the outcomes you wish to see. What will you actually achieve with this goal? Imagining the desired outcome through visualisation, using all your senses to imagine the outcome, helps to make it more real and prepare the subconscious mind for attracting the conditions, people, circumstance and opportunities to make it happen.
  • Create a 3D experience of achieving your goal. Just suppose for a moment that you have achieved your desired goal, what is it like? Connect and associate with the feeling. What are you seeing, hearing and saying to yourself? Consider, also, how it would change or affect other aspects of your life.
  • Make a list of benefits of achieving your goal, by considering what it would do for you. Put the list up somewhere visible, as a motivational reminder at times when you are feeling off track.
  • Different parts of you will need to come into play to make this goal happen. If you had this goal, how would you be different? Are you being more organised, focused, dynamic, switched on? Is your desk more organised and have eliminated all possible distractions? What new habits do you need to develop to support your goal?
  • Make your goal SMART. The more specific and the more control you have in terms of completing it, the more likely it is you will achieve it. Have a timeline with a specific completion date and be as realistic as you can about its attainment; otherwise you will be setting yourself up for the all too familiar self-sabotage.
  • Once these goal setting basics are in place, think about who you need to become in order to achieve this goal. This means reviewing specific current behaviours, attitudes and habits, and making adjustments required, e.g. better time management and being better organised, daily motivational practice, planning the night before habit etc.
  • A degree of planning is necessary but don’t worry about having the whole route mapped out. Take the obvious, necessary, and most effective two to three actions and know that the steps after that will show themselves to you.
  • Build in flexibility: The key is to not get too hang up on the outcome. If your intention is set firmly, develop the art taking focused actions and at the same time letting go of tension and need to succeed. Be in the present as much as possible and you will spot opportunities, people and circumstances that you did not expect. Part of the secret is that once you do your part, let go of any feelings of tightness and worry and paradoxically let go, the Universe will meet you halfway.

Design your unique blueprint. Make conscious, positive choices about what you want your life to be and do it. We all have an amazing power which lies dormant within us, waiting to be expressed in an authentic way that represents a deep aspect of you. Give yourself permission to commit to a goal that is meaningful for you and then go ahead: Play, experiment, focus and take action!

And above all, enjoy the journey!

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Norwich, England, NR18
Written by Alex Klokkaris, BA Hons, Advanced Diploma Coaching, Dip in Counselling, PGCE
Norwich, England, NR18

Alex Klokkaris is a qualified, experienced Life Coach and a natural catalyst and bridge. She has helped transform many lives to find confidence, clarity and direction on their journey. Alex works with warmth, intuition and focus and believes that each of us has a set of ‘themes’ to work on in life and a unique contribution to make in the world.

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