10 easy ways to improve your work/life balance

1) Sing on your way to work. Yes, car karaoke may get you some strange looks, but it really improves your mood!

2) Check your personal emails on the loo at work – what else were iphones invented for?

3) Start your day by doing something you really enjoy. Forget traditional wisdom of getting the tough tasks out of the way, do fun, creative tasks and you’re in a good mood for the rest of the day!

4) Make every work outfit make a statement. If you look good, you feel good. Then you work better.

5) Get changed as soon as you get home

6) Do something every day you really enjoy – read, eat chocolate, talk to friends, dance… make every day count…

7) …and then relive it before you go to sleep – get it lodged in your memory bank.

8) Run. It’s free and it makes you feel fantastic.

9) Don’t wash up tonight. Draw the blinds and leave it sitting there. Who cares? Watch telly instead.

10) Smile. Spring’s in the air, the nights are getting lighter and life’s too short to waste

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