Is it too late to change my career?

The truth is most of us don’t have a clue what career we want when we leave school or university. We choose what job we go after based on the advice of friends and family or a careers adviser who’s known us for 30 seconds. Fast forward 10 years and what have you got? Usually a moderately successful career and a growing sense of dissatisfaction! But it’s too late to change your mind and start again isn’t it?

It’s a case of finding out what you really really want out of life, what you’re truly passionate about. Then you can work backwards from there to design a career plan in small manageable steps that will take you where you want to be.

But what about money, your status and the most terrifying issue of all, “what will people think?” Ask yourself honestly: what are you willing to give up to achieve your dreams? Could you take a part time job while you retrain? Would you give up your car to raise capital? Put your social life on hold to gain time to study?

You might ask, “Am I good enough?” Sorry, can’t help with that one. Only you know the answer to that. But I would argue that because you’re reading this, there’s something inside you that’s saying there’s more to life, something that’s pushing you to change. More importantly, are you willing to work hard enough to succeed?

We only get one life and you’re in control of how you spend it. Do you really want to look back and wonder “what if”?

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