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Ditch the guilt! 7 Top Tips to enjoy life as a working mum!

Do you ever feel like your life is an unending cycle of guilt about your ever-growing To-do list, mountainous piles of laundry and trying to squeeze in quality time with the kids?

1) Make sure you do something you enjoy, every single day. Read a book, chat to a friend, have a manicure… It’s how you recharge your batteries.

2) Make Saturday or Sunday a sacred family day. Don’t rush around doing chores, get down on the floor and play.

3) Take 10 minutes for yourself before you jump back into ‘mum mode’ when you come home from work. Change your clothes, have a cup of tea or just sing along to the radio. Louise, 31, restaurant manager from Holmfirth explains, “I have 10 minutes in the sanctuary of my pristine, childfree bedroom. Then I’m ready for my son!”

4) Remember why you’re working. Have something visual to remind you of your goals – is it a cottage in the country or a big family holiday? Put a photo on your desk, or a screensaver on your computer.

5) Do a job you enjoy! You spend enough hours at work and you only get one life. How could you make your job something to look forward to? Or if not, could you retrain?

6) Get a cleaner, share the chores or let the housework pile up. When you’re 70, will you look back fondly on how clean the kitchen floor was?

7) Find a balance that works for you. Design your perfect working week – would you work part-time or when the kids are in bed? Would you and your husband have a ‘date night’? Could you do the weekly shop online and take the kids swimming with the time you save?

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