Stand Up For Yourself

Becoming assertive has been shown to have benefits for mental health and wellbeing. Assertiveness is not, as is often wrongly assumed, to be about becoming "Bolshy".

Assertiveness is a style of communication in which a person is able to express their views and wishes whilst respecting thos of the other person. Assertiveneness as a style of communication is differentiated from a passive, sly and aggressive style of communication. Like other skills it can be learned.

Research has demonstrated benefits of developing assertiveness skills such as increased confidence and reduced anxiety [1] and being more effective in dealing with conflict in relationships and at work [2]

1. Evaluation of assertiveness training for psychiatric patients, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 17, 2008

2.Managing difficult staff interactions, Rehabilitation Nursing, 1997

Assertivenss training has been used for a wide range of issues including leadership, nursing, mental health and social development to name but a few.

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