Beating Stress

We all need a certain level of changing stress levels to operate in the world. But if you are being wound-up, or worse, winding yourself up, then something needs to change!

But what is stress anyway? Stress happens because of your biochemistry, your emotions and your thinking.

The biochemical aspects are influenced by your endocrine glands - these dump chemicals into your bloodstream and it can take quite a while for these to be removed from the blood and excreted into the urine. This period is typically twenty minutes or more. During this endocrine flow - you may experience sweating, erratic heart-beat, nausea, restlessness, tingling in the hands and so on. If another stress event happens before this period is complete and you have excreted the chemicals, then you stay 'high'.

To change the pattern, think about the FIRST thing that you are conscious of when the stress hit you. It may be that when stress hits you, that you see black, or you hear a voice or noise, or that you stop breathing, or your hands get sweaty and your neck stiff. Try and think what you are conscious of BEFORE that too, so that you can readily notice this when it happens to you again.

Having found the earliest memorable reaction to stress, you have the best chance now of changing your reaction. It needs to be fast too. Try and link your knowledge of this reaction to something that will stop your pattern dead! Some people take a deep breath, others do this but say to themselves: 'this is normal, life happens, I am okay'. Everyone is different and must find their own key pattern-breaker. If in doubt, find a good coach to help you. the key is engaging a thinking process. The thinking process happens in the cerebrum and blood/oxygen get directed to this reagion of the brain thus lowering the chance of having a high chemical outflow from the mid-brain (the emotional centre of our brains).

The thinking reaction we choose will change our experience of external stress and if we can successfully repeat this, time and again, it become a new 'healthy pattern' and the old one is gone!

Breathing is always a good component to add to the thinking reaction. When we stop breathing or go to high-stress, shallow breathing, we destabilize the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood and these changes effect the heart and vascula system. the effects of that include tingling fingers, nausea, erratic heartbeat and more! You can see how a new thinking reaction coupled with a conscious thought to breathe deep and slow can counteract stress patterns. At one stroke, you have taken control of the three key components, biochemistry, your emotions and your thinking! And if you need help to do this better, get a very good life-coach!

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