Seven Top Tips for Wellbeing & Health

Here are seven top tips used effectively by many clients over the years to great effect. Now you can try one or more that appeals to you too!

1. Keep a special book where you will put:
a) pictures of things and people that inspire you
b) cuttings from letters, email and cards that compliment you or make you feel better about yourself
c) lists of things you have done to help others
d) lists of things you have done, especially those that you found difficult but did anyway
e) drawing and pictures of your positive future
f) a record of your 'personal development' - what you are learning on your journey

2. Work out what has excited and energised you in the past - what was it about those hings that you liked best? For example, maybe you liked cycling and the best thing was the wind in your hair. Maybe you cannot now cycle - but what else would put wind in your hair and make you feel better? Make plans.

3. Tell the people you love and trust to support you about your plans. Enlist their encouragement and support but do not allow yourself to be dependent upon them for progress

4. Start small. Each time you make a decision to do something, make sure that you achieve that and then, most importantly, ACKNOWLEDGE that you achieved. Only then do you gain the self-confidence and self-esteem to achieve again. Only then do you get the full motivation to move ahead.

5. Always think about both motivators for doing something - think about the carrot (benefits) and about the stick (what if you did not do that). How do you feel about each of these scenarios? Are you more motivated to achieve?

6. Think about what you would most respect and admire about the things you can do to make an impact during your life - what steps can you make now to move ahead with that journey

7. Think of someone you admire greatly and know quite a lot about. List their qualities. Now, for each quality you have listed, make a rank for yourself om two columns, one for how you fair now, and one for how great you want to be with that quality over a specified time-scale. Be sure to pick only one or two to start with and make ordered plans for achieving those improvements. Get someone to mentor or coach you if necessary. A coach can help you to see things differently about the world and about you. This external stretching within a perfectly safe environment propels you to experience a better life without waiting - you can, after all, have it start now!

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