Your baby and you

A new baby enters your life - until now it is likely all you had the energy to think about was giving birth and getting ready for your new arrival. Now a little life has entered your reality, your life, and for now everything has changed. The world feels strange - how can such a little person make such a major impact on your life. It is inevitable you will have lots of people giving you lots of information (not all useful!) and wanting your full attention (more on this in - how to handle other people). You may want to hide from the world, pretend nothing has changed, ignore the fact that there is a person in your life that depends on you for everything or completely embrace this change and enjoy your new reality. However you feel my baby life is here for you - to allow you to be you within your new world and to become at one with your feelings.

This can only be about you and your world - I am sure you have a network of other friends all chatting and supportive - but they are not you and you need to be you so your baby life can be your true reality.

Your feelings will be all over the place - this is normal, you may wonder what on earth you have done - again this is normal, only you can feel what you feel but it is important to make your feelings part of your truth. Remove the protective clothing layer by layer and become immersed in your new life - one you have been dreaming of but may never have realised it would be like this.

You do not need to leave your life at the door, your life has changed and you need to deal with events within this new reality but your life - your baby life - is true, amazing and most importantly yours.

your baby and you - whether your first baby or a new addition, your life has just become more amazing - the my baby life coaching can open communication with your feelings, to remove old habits and to embrace your new present and to learn through the process of change.

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