Who can afford Life Coaching?

I’ve been asked more than once whether Life Coaching can be justified in times of a recession, the credit crunch and cutbacks. Well it’s a fair enough question, considering a lot of people would see it as an enhancement to their lives and not necessarily a necessity. I’d argue that it should be the other way around, it’s usually a necessity that enhances your life as a result of it. I can understand the logic of people wanting to cut back on anything other than necessities, but here’s the thing there’s even a greater need now than before.

Times are demanding that’s for sure, however I believe that difficult times create more issues than just financial ones. It’s true of course that many will be suffering financially and not able to afford extra outgoings, but it’s all relative depending on individual circumstances. There will be people who are affected financially but not necessarily out of funds where the benefit of improving their lives is appreciated as money being well spent. Hard times create uncertainty and insecurity and that’s when lots of issues other than money come to the fore, it might be money that triggers it but not necessarily what drives a person to seek help. The fact that someone recognises their need and has the courage or confidence to ask for it is the first and biggest step. I’m under no illusion about how difficult it is for people to make life changing decisions, but it’s seldom about finances, or if it is it’s usually about managing them better.

It’s in the hard times that the cracks start to appear, they may have always been there but in better times it’s easier to cover them up or pretend that they don’t exist. Managing our lives, a relationship, holding down a job, paying the bills, keeping up with the demands and fitting in a social life is hard enough when we’re happy. When times are tough and the pressures on, challenges just seem bigger and harder to overcome, previously ignored issues start to surface and we become less tolerant and unhappy with our lot. At best we manage and cope, at worst things get out of control and we react, often with irreversible consequences.

Good times or bad, life should never be just about managing or coping, it should be about enjoying it as well, life’s not about trying your best and managing the outcome, it’s about trying your best and enjoying the results. What happened to all this quality time, me time, partner time and work/life balance? Well it’s all there, why not make it happen.

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