Move From Fear to Action

Fear The Natural Response

Fear shows up in everybody and whatever word you choose to use for it, it has a purpose. It’s there to protect you and your career or business from harm, but the issue is that sometimes fear is poorly defined, disproportionate and unclear. Working with a coach can help you and your business to understand that fear.

Think of an issue where fear is holding you back from making decisions and taking actions:-

1. What precisely is it that you are afraid of?

2. What harm is your fear protecting you from?

3. What will you achieve by overcoming the fears that you have?

By acknowledging your fears you can find solutions that address those concerns, changing the resistance and hesitation you have into actions, moving you forward with the task in hand. 

4. What will mitigate the fears and concerns that you have?

5. How can you include this into your strategy?

6. And with options in place to address the fears that you have are you ready to take that first action towards your goal? (if not what fears are left? What needs to happen)

Working with a NLP coach

With regular NLP coaching, whether it is face to face or over the phone, you will get the space to evaluate all sides of an issue from different angles and perspectives, enabling you to disassociate from your current view point, enabling you to be more objective. New questions will arise, revealing new insights and understanding.

Coaching will help you to identify what is important in what you are trying to achieve and the fears you have about pursuing it. You’ll increase your awareness and understanding of the different messages that are coming from your head, heart and gut. With more defined information to hand you are freed up to develop strategies and solutions that achieve your goals whilst responding to your concerns.

Ignoring the fears and concerns you have and taking action anyway can open you up to the risks you want to avoid. Large risks carry a high price, but well rounded calculated risks are part of business.  Knowing all the real risks is essential to enable you to plan for and respond to situations before and as they arise, in order to achieve a successful outcome.

NLP Presupposition “Behind every behaviour there is a positive intention”

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