Don't Throw A Dream Away!

A dream is a fantasy, our vision of what could be if everything was done to perfection in our minds. Our dreams allow us to get away from reality and create a vision of what if?, what could be? and if only. However for a small minority their dream no longer remains a dream, but instead becomes their reality. I ask myself why is it this small minority live their dreams and the majority of us just live.

Living to work hard and earn a little, living to get through or just plane living for survival. This larger groups wonders how life can be so unfair, so complicated and unjust. Our dreams reflect the kind of life we want to lead and therefore I believe as long as we all have the power to formulate a dream. We must allow our dream to drive us, skip over obstacles and pull us towards a better future and a better life.

However the test here is to have a well-defined dreams there no room for fuzziness here. Remember your dream is the start and the end, but you must create the well defined plan in between. Start with the dream because that the change and the motivator, keep the dream in mind always so when you get there you will know exactly why. Seek for the plan in between because that is the difference between the dream remaining a dream or becoming your reality.

As I write this article here now, I myself less than 12 months ago had a dream and decided to make my dream become a reality for me. As much as I would like to write here now, that I am living my dream, I can honestly say that I am making good progress towards that dream of mine. In the process of creating this dream it has allowed me to become a wiser person, a happier person and create a more balance life for both myself and my family, which has enriched each and everyone of us.

So I end this article reassuring you that a dream can be more than just a dream, if you truly want it to be. I am not the first to have a dream and I hope I want be the last. Be a dreamer and envision the future with a plan.

Go ahead and start creating your dream today.

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