The 4 P's to Success

Why wait until the New Year to stop smoking, lose weight and start exercising? Why wait until spring to de clutter and make a fresh start? Why put off what you want to do now?

Some would say I’m too busy, and it’s not a priority, others are just too scared. Too scared of failing, too frightened of the unknown, they just don’t believe they can really do it. Quite often the answer to all of this is to setting a goal. Not just any fluffy statement that can be left hanging like “One day I’ll play golf of scratch” or “I’ll try and lose 10Ibs”.

To set a real goal it has to pass the 4 p’s test. A real goal is stated in the POSITIVE - I will, I am “I will be a scratch player”, “I will be 10 stone”. A great goal is PERSONAL - it must be your goal. Hence the ‘me’ and the ‘I’. People spend a lot of time ‘shoulding’ over themselves because someone else has said ‘you should do this or you should do that’. If it’s yours and you want it, you will believe you can do it.

A goal has to be POSSIBLE and realistic. Reaching for the impossible can only lead to failure and depression. A large goal can be made up of a number of small achievements, stepping stones to a dream.

Finally, for an individual to achieve a goal it must be stated in the PRESENT and be time bound. Without a deadline the goal just drifts and okay, you will never fail but you probably won‘t succeed either. At what point will you admit success or failure?

Looking back at the two examples, to pass the 4 P’s test our goals would read as follows:

“I will be playing off scratch in 12 months”.

“I will weigh 10 stone in 6 months”

Positive, Personal, Possible, and Present.

Set your 4P goals now and get a LYFT, Live Your Future Today!

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