Life as we understand and experience from time to time throws up events and circumstances that at times may be very difficult to fathom!

It sometimes feels like good fortune smiles on everyone accept you. What may also accompany these moments (they are only moments) of disappointments is that they seem to arrive as a block or series of lows before change finally occurs. Are you with me on this; am I close to describing your own experience?

I too have been in these moments, and it is easy to wallow in self-pity and repressed anger at it all!

Of course doing so changes little in reality; in fact doing so may often make matters worse... keep it up and it could lead to a form of depression, introversion and anti-social behaviour. In truth it achieves the exact opposite of what you would like to experience and where you want to be.

Of course as we all know our moments of doom and gloom are relative. Someone unknown to you at this precise moment will have just been told that they have just days to live, or lucky you, you could've been born in a part of the world where good fortune left decades ago; where life borders on death and eternal struggle.

FACT - everything we experience starts with us, NOT with something or someone outside of our control. That's worth paraphrasing isn't it?
All we experience begins with our thought, subsequent action and resulting consequence.

There's no short-cut to good fortune, why? Because good fortune is all around us all the time.

Now by good fortune, and I am not talking about winning the lottery or similar even though such an event may be viewed as what good fortune actually represents; no I mean that if you choose to apply yourself (thought) to make something positive happen it surely will, just as if you choose to apply yourself (thought) to do something negative - it will certainly happen! Now that's power right?

Now when you view the knock backs in such light, they're not really knock backs at all, not when you have the remote control in your grasp! These events is YOU not having a target or series of targets to go for, or perhaps you possess worthy targets, but alas you are NOT fully committed to them or engaged with fully. Any resulting poor output of your targets could be manifested through self-doubt, lack of preparation, weak application and so on...

A well known statement often repeated in the world of Self Growth and Mentoring is this " if you keep on doing what you've always done, you will keep on getting what you've always got!" and that's a FACT!

So changing and upping the mindset is without doubt life-success critical if you are to break the recurring disappointment; doing so is really the order of the 'moment', then the need for 'handling it' will eventually be rendered null and void.

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