Shafts of the purest light...

It occurred to me that success owes much of its manifestation to the sense of inner peace - for me at least.

Also my observation is that such success nearly always requires some interaction with another fellow human being along ones' life pathway, whether at the beginning, during, recognition at the end or a mixture of all three... for many of us success is determined by the opinions of or measured against the values of others or collection of others; typically referred to as society.

Success in our own minds should be cherished, yet any additional third party endorsement is, for some; necessary for that puffed out chest seal of approval feeling.

But just how real is that endorsement, and does it really matter? Isn't your success peculiar to you? What you gain from reaching the mountain top; that experience of exhilaration and satisfaction, it's your experience isn't it?

Not entirely; in a previous article I referred to trading spaces... your success can inspire others, propel someone struggling to find renewed faith and encouragement to finally shout YES!

Should you 'trade space', that presence traded with may even want to replicate your success in his or her own unique way if the levels of intensity are strong enough!

This is one of the most effective and most sought after tools for all good leaders, the ability to convey a message, to empower others to often go further, faster and longer than the source of inspiration itself, to rally minds for a cause!

This transfer of goodness is something we are all capable of... to be a recipient requires not a leap of faith, but an emotion more akin to trust; belief.

Trust requires the removal of negative judgement. A judgement that is often chosen either to confirm our own learned prejudices (no one is born prejudiced) or to safe guard ourselves against harm or disappointment - trust underpins much of social and personal success.

The all conquering emotion of LOVE requires trust to grow and become lasting too!

For those of us who spend our lives offering support, instinctive love and encouragement to whomever is open to receiving, it is the epitome of success and from the outset trust is the womb from which the transfer of success is born.

For the host making the offering; to observe the recipient derive tangible benefits delivers the host the ultimate payback, a sense of inner peace; a job well done, satisfaction devoid of ego and self-interest.

These transfers of goodness are shafts of the purest light from deep within; we all have it, so let's share it.

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