Trading SPACES?

All of us whether we know it or not exist in our very own energy bubble.
This energy bubble is not seen with the naked eye by others, cannot be touched or apprehended or in normal everyday circumstances felt by the owner, but believe me reader it is there!

Ok ok, so what in the universe am I talking about? Let's look at a negative and positive example of this phenomenon; this incredible unseen but real power.

There you are in an environment where there's merriment, laughter and cordial interaction - such is the air of serenity that it takes something at the other end of the scale to take you from out of the light fluffy clouds and hyper fast-forward you to a place so so very alien to so many of us most of the time. A commotion, heated argument, unexpected disturbance of such volatility is now present that your sense of peace is shattered in an instance. You have absolutely no control on the energy being emitted from the core of this darkness and it slams point blank into your personal bubble drawing out the peace that once existed within it, while at the same time filling the vacuum with its own destructive force - you have now assimilated with this force and feel the anger, fear and danger that dwells all around you - and you are not the only one. Everyone within the 'space' is consumed by it. TRADED SPACE.

Here's another example. You are walking along a busy market thoroughfare, when suddenly your eyes fleetingly meets the glance of someone you have never known or seen before, yet there is this deep sense of 'knowing'. It does not end there; you and this person are both driven to engage - your space bubble is filled with immense anticipation and this is mirrored by this not so strange stranger. Such is the near kinetic energy force in your bubble it feels like it is increasing to levels that are quite unimaginable the closer you both become! The first touch to enter the other's bubble is nothing short of electric!! TRADED SPACE.

The above two simplified examples are presented to only highlight an important but often overlooked state of existence that we carry everyday with us; our very own bubble of unseen power and energy that can touch the lives and souls of those known and unknown to you - both near and far! What I am stating here may be profound, however I believe that it must not be underestimated. Knowing that this power of unseen energy surrounds us at all times, opens up a myriad of possibilities to change not only your life but the lives of others.

The key to using this power of space trading is recognising it when it happens and using the occurrence for the positive. Once you have locked on to this hidden resource, use it to empower you and others to a new and improved level of life, whether that is through oratory, the written word or physical demonstration.

If my bubble is filled with fear and negativity, strangers may lock on to it, space trade and become fearful and negative too. If however my bubble is filled with confidence, inspiration and hope, others may become POSITIVELY INFECTED and want to share my space and trade their lack of confidence for some of it. Barack Obama incredible rise to become the President of the United States is a fine example of this incredible power. Am I registering?
I urge you to go and TRADE SPACES positively and feel empowered in doing so.

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