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Hi I'm Sue,

"I have trained with the best to help you to be your best."

"Are you in need of change?"
"Do you feel stuck? Or is something holding you back?"

We don't always know exactly what is holding us back, sometimes it's just a feeling. If you do know that's great, we can get straight to work on changing that. If you're unsure of what stops you from feeling better or if you feel as if there are a number of things getting in the way, I believe I have the tools and the skills to empower you, inspire you and help you get to where you want to be.

You probably already know that coaching can improve every area of your life. Whether you want to improve your career opportunities, relationships, health, finances or just to establish a good work/life balance I'm here to help.

I'll help you to gain clarity in all areas of your life and inspire you to find your direction, set and achieve your goals. Tell me what the problems are and I will provide the best and most rapid solutions to achieve a positive outcome, increase your confidence and diminish your stress. With  cutting edge solutions and drawing on 30 years of experience (I started young!) working with people, my promise is that I'll treat your goals as if they were my own. Email or phone me without obligation.

Testimonials from my previous clients:

"I wanted to follow up yesterday’s session to say thank you. A really different experience for me, and deeply motivating. It has made me think a lot about myself.

All the very best, and see you in December."
P. Anderson

"Thank you. I'm still getting used to the new me. The only regret I have is that I really wish I had taken up coaching with you sooner, as you know I had your card for a year or so before I plucked up the courage and called you!"
K. Peters

"I came to see Sue predominantly in relation to some work issues I had been experiencing. I was looking for someone who was a life coach, but was instantly drawn to her because she has skills and qualifications in so many other relevant areas (psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP & yoga) as well as all of the experience she has in working with large commercial companies. It was amazing, after my very first session I saw positive results, issues that had affected me for years just disappeared.

I have seen the benefits in other areas too, I have long suffered from IBS and stomach problems, but this pretty much disappeared after my first session. I am continuing to develop and am becoming much more self confident, positive, relaxed and at ease with myself all the time. Even things like my driving, which I previously didn't enjoy doing, has improved and I now love going on long journeys.

I am really grateful to Sue for helping me. I am amazed at how much progress I have made in such a short space of time, especially in comparison with other work I have done in the past."
L.K Kent

"A visit to a Life Coach is a real interaction between two people, one of whom desires to move forward and find an answer to a question; isn’t happy with the state they are in and actively wants a hand in changing it for the better, whatever that entails.  The other person has a pure desire to help a fellow human being out of ‘suffering’ and into the light.  For the very reason that this is such an intimate relationship, if there isn’t a connection between them, there will be no progress.  I felt a real connection with you from the moment I walked into the room – even though not the most beautiful of surroundings, in a small office in Bromley, it was obvious that you had made an effort to make it light and homely and welcoming.  Your positive energy and gentle nature, your sensitivity as to when there was hurt and your laidback approach, coupled with your quite obvious enormous amount of knowledge and experience, made those couple of hours feel like talking to a friend.

To say it’s value for money is an understatement. If one day I am contributing to the universe even a fraction of what you contribute every day of your life, I shall be a very content person.  Thanks."

How I work with you:

Coaching can be face-to-face or by telephone. In the current Covid scenario all sessions are online for the forseeable futre. 09/02/2021

Sessions will be tailored to suit your needs and I will provide you with achievable goals. Your commitment will reap rewards.

I will honour your goals as if they were my own and give you 100% commitment and dedication.

My aim is to support, inspire and motivate you. You will receive total confidentiality and I always work with the utmost integrity.

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Training, qualifications & experience

Certificate in 'CLEAN LANGUAGE' Grovian Metaphor.

Approved by the American Psychological Association 1991

Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Dr Richard Bandler 1997

Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
John Seymour 1989

Certificate in Ericksonian Therapy
Hugh Willboun MA 1990

Certificates held in Eating Disorders

Member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
Registration No. 932522
Member of National Register of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
No. 89-351
Licensed by The Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming as an NLP trainer/coach Recognised BUPA Provider No 3000978
Reiki Master in Usui Tradition
Member of British Wheel of Yoga
and Teaching Practice Observation Trainer
Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals.
Trained Ayurvedic Practiioner.
Emotional Freedom Therapist.
I abide by the UKCP Code of Ethics of UKCP

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Sessions (60 minutes): £100


Monday - Friday

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You may also find my blog useful, I give lots of free advice and tips on here: http://www.thestresshacker.com

Also registered with Counselling Directory.

Psychotherapist Life-Coach Stress Management Centre
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