About me

Are you a Professional or Executive who is a work casualty of Covid?

OR has the Covid crisis made you realise it's now time to do something different?

Maybe your company hasn't offered you any Outplacement Support OR you have been given a budget for Outplacement to use with the provider of your choice?

Either way,  if you're stuck at a career or life crossroads and seeking clarity about your next step OR how to get there, read on!

We are in the most challenging of times with job losses becoming an unfortunate aspect of every day life.  The pandemic lockdowns and furloughs, have also given people time to rethink their careers and lives, looking to do more meaningful and fulfilling work and having a more flexible working lifestyle.

So, Can You Imagine How it Would Feel if You Could…

  • Achieve clarity about your career direction and what work you can do next
  • Unlock and fulfil your true potential
  • Become ‘unstuck’ to achieve a successful career change or transition
  • Reignite or create a new life path following redundancy
  • Work for Passion, Pleasure & Profit
  • Learn how to win at interviews and achieve your ideal job
  • Find work you love to be happy and fulfilled
  • Take control of your career to create the working lifestyle of your CHOICE
  • Make the rest of your work life the best of your work life!

My Mantra

"You spend more waking hours at work than in any other activity. Life is too short so why be unhappy? Take the 'leap of faith' and do what you love!"

I have been described as "the go to person for professionals and executives who are stuck and don't know what to do next". So, if you are a professional or executive and any of these statements resonate with you, then I would love to hear from you. This could be your opportunity to navigate your way to a brighter future and transform your career and life!

About Me

I am known as 'The Career Catalyst' ® as people say I act as the catalyst to help you achieve successful career change, transition or develop into your ideal job.

My Career Coaching and Personal Development programmes are for professionals and executives. I am leading career coach, internationally acclaimed author, speaker and thought leader in the world of work and Portfolio Careers. I am a true people person and take great pride in having transformed the lives and careers of thousands of people from all walks of life including career professionals, executives, business owners and the military.

What Makes my Career Coaching Different and How Can I Help You?

The first step to change or progression is self awareness and my career coaching programmes are based around my unique, empowering, proven, successful 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process. I take you on a personal 'voyage of self discovery' to help you achieve a breakthrough career change or transition!

You can find out more about my unique 6 Step process via this link: https://steveprestonthecareercatalyst.com/about-steve-preston-the-career-catalyst/career-navigation-cycle/

I have supported thousands of people across many different business sectors - both through programmes for private clients and career coaching / career transition/outplacement support for companies making redundancies.

How Much Do You Want to Change or Develop Your Career?

If you are really serious serious about making a career change or developing your career, then please contact me on 07973 826424 or email steve@steveprestonthecareercatalyst.com for an initial free confidential review. We will discuss your current situation, what is holding you back and agree the best way to help you move forward. Life is too short to be unhappy, isn't it?

Please note: During the Covid Crisis and need for social distancing', this is no barrier to effective Career Coaching sessions. I have been running Career Coaching sessions for many years over Skype then Zoom video meeting calls, for clients in different parts of the UK and internationally. I have  have developed an approach which allows us to cover everything in a programme we would in face to face sessions.

New 'Winning Through Redundancy & Lay-Offs' Course:

During the initial lockdown in 2020,  I spent many weeks repurposing my  Internationally acclaimed book 'Winning Through Redundancy - Six steps to navigate your way to a brighter future' into what has been described as "Not just inspirational but highly practical and transformational and the next best thing to a full coaching programme with Steve".

This course is perfect if you are a casualty of redundancy and now looking to re-evaluate your career and life AND you still get Steve as your course Career Coach. This empowering, inspirational online course is supported with flexible options for 121 coaching as well as periodic group courses, where I host weekly Mastermind group video coaching sessions.

Check out course details here: https://courses.steveprestonthecareercatalyst.com/


Here are a few sample testimonials from my career coaching clients plus many more on my website https://steveprestonthecareercatalyst.com/

"Having experienced the ‘Steve Preston effect’, I am 100% confident in recommending him to any executive or professional needing help with their career development. I came to Steve at a rather low point of my career, as I had been blindsided by an out-of-the-blue redundancy that shook my self-belief and confidence to the core.

After undertaking due diligence with 5 different career coaches and outplacement specialists, I chose to work with Steve as, within a few minutes of talking to me, he displayed a rapid understanding of my situation and my emotions. He was able to explain, in real terms, how his executive career coaching and Six Step Cycle could help me to regain control over my career and life.

The following few months working with Steve were made up of moments of brilliance, trauma, inspiration, humour and challenge. It was EXACTLY what I needed and I wouldn’t want to change one moment of my time with him. Ultimately, he was able to take me from a very dark and lonely place to a point where I am now in control of my future, with the confidence to develop a career under my terms and, importantly, with the right blend of work and play. Steve’s book “Winning Through Redundancy” and the exercises within is simply fantastic as is his Portfolio Careers book.

On top of all this, Steve’s impressive work is complemented by the fact that he is a wonderful human being and a gentleman. Thank you, Steve, you have changed my life for the better".

John Watson

“Steve’s Executive Breakthrough Career Development Programme is best described as the difference between looking at a road map and having a GPS in my car! I would never dream of heading towards an unknown destination without one or other but quite simply, Steve’s Executive Breakthrough Career Development Programme has helped me keep on track in my career change journey. Despite the diversions and road blocks which most of us encounter when visiting previously uncharted territory of changing career path, whether by choice or as a result of redundancy, I do not believe that I could have got in the driving seat let alone stayed the course without his support!

Executive career coaching, working with Steve, has helped me focus on my ultimate destination and enabled me to be in the driving seat of my chosen career path. Until I started the programme, I was blinded by the oncoming headlights and stuck in a jam. Unlike the M25, Steve’s Career Navigation Cycle process enabled me to set off and change direction without losing sight of where I ultimately wanted to be.

I would also recommend Winning Though Redundancy – Six steps to navigate your way to a brighter future’ an absolute must read and having Steve as your navigator on the most exciting journey you will ever make!” 

Bill Stewart

Working with Steve has made a real and lasting difference to my life – sounds dramatic but it’s true. His way of working and career coaching really resonated with me; we had fun but got through a whole load of difficult stuff! Steve helped me to find a good work/life balance, to recognise what I had to offer and to have the confidence to demonstrate it to others. As a result, I am more focused at work, achieving great results that others are recognising and happier at home. Steve has continued to be a confidante and friend to me and I am so pleased to have met him.”

Lisa Hughes

'Winning Through Career Change'
" I cannot recommend this book and the career coaching services offered by Steve enough. I found Steve after realising my current career was having a negative impact on not just my professional life, but my personal life also. I enlisted the help of Steve and with his 6 stage cycle, working on a 1:1 basis and using the book as we transitioned through.

I went into the process feeling confused, cluttered, fed up and with a negative attitude, thinking 'I'm not qualified to do anything else' and 'why would anyone want to employ me over others, perhaps more experienced in a different industry'. This book and coaching with Steve, has helped to completely dispel those negative thoughts and beliefs. The exercises that Steve uses in this book, help to unlock aspects, hidden talents, and true desires and values, which I didn't realise I had or had never considered. I am still working through the cycle, and I now have the belief and confidence to go forward and explore what else is out there, which 6 months ago, I would of felt completely out of my reach or capability.

Those looking for career change, but unsure of the hows, what's, if and but's. Those lacking the confidence and with self doubt, should consider career coaching with Steve and reading his book. Cheers Steve!!!" 

Ben B

If you like the sound of any of these examples, then check out my website: www.steveprestonthecareercatalyst.com
Call me on 07973 826424 OR
Email steve@steveprestonthecareercatalyst.com for a confidential discussion to look at how I can help you to achieve your career and life goals!

Please so also check out my profile on LinkedIn and see first hand all the heart felt recommendations from a small sample of my clients over the last few years: http://www.linkedin.com/in/steveprestonsmpsolutions

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Full approved member of the Association for Coaching
  • Over 18 years coaching experience working with professionals and executives across many sectors
  • NVQ Levels 3&4 Career Advice & Guidance
  • Certificate in Performance Coaching
  • NLP Practitioner training

Member organisations


Association for Coaching

The Association for Coaching is one of the leading professional bodies for Coaches and Organisations.

The Association is made up of a number of different membership categories, e.g. Associate Member (AMAC), Member (MAC), Accredited Member (AC Accred), with the different categories standing for different levels of training and experience. Accredited Members have achieved a substantial level of training and experience approved by the Association.

The Association has a Code of Ethics & Good Practice and a Complaints Procedure.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Executive Coaching & Development
  • Winning at Interviews
  • Outplacement/Redundancy Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Self Employment - starting your own business
  • Portfolio Careers Development
  • Management Coaching & Development
  • Business Coaching for business owners
  • Career Coach Development Programme for aspiring Career Coaches
  • NEW 'Winning Through Redundancy & Lay-offs - 6 Steps to navigate your way to a brighter future' online course. This is a highly practical and proving to be transformational course to support people affected by redundancy to re-evalute your career and life and successfully transition your career, supported by coaching from myself. Check out the details here: https://courses.steveprestonthecareercatalyst.com/


Additional information

"You get what you pay for" is the general theme in business, isn't it?

Please note 3 of the most important values of my business ethos are are honesty, integrity and transparency.

So, firstly ...I'm not the cheapest Career Coach on the block but then I'm not the most expensive either. I've sometimes been described as the 'Waitrose of Career Coaching'... Professional, Quality Service and lots of Value Added!

Secondly, I don't do hourly Coaching sessions. Why? ... because these aren't conducive to a committed working relationship.

Thirdly, fees for my range of Career Coaching programmes are easily accessible on my Career Catalyst website... I offer career coaching, business coaching and personal development coaching for professionals and executives. All upfront and obvious, so nasty or hidden surprises. What you see is what you get!

I've been plying my trade for 18 years now and have helped to transform the lives and careers of 1000's of people, through my Coaching and working through my unique, proven 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process. My clients chose the 'Career Catalyst' tag, as the feedback was unanimous that "I act as the catalyst to help people achieve a successful career change, transition or progression", for which I'm most humbled.

If you like the sound of what I offer,  then great and I would love to hear from you :)

My 1:1 Coaching prices start with this Special 2 hour Intensive Breakthrough Coaching session @£395

This session is to help you to achieve a very specific goal such as nailing that interview for your promotion or dream job, overcoming limiting beliefs that are holding you back, an, intensive Career Values & Needs session or an in-depth career and life planning review, to see whether we are right for each other!

This 2 hour intensive session has proven a very successful 'Winning at Interviews' coaching option. I have coached hundreds of people to overcome interview nerves, self doubt and key challenges to help them sell themselves in the best light to win the job at the all important interview. The result... securing the job you want and an immediate return on your investment!

For my full range of Career Coaching Programmes, including my Signature Executive Career Coaching Programme, check out my Career Coaching page:  https://steveprestonthecareercatalyst.com/career-coaching/

So, how serious are you about making a career change or developing your career?

If you are looking to develop or change your career, I have career coaching or business coaching and personal development products for everyone, so contact me NOW for a FREE initial confidential 30 minute career assessment!


In the current climate, all coaching is over Zoom  Monday to Fridays between 9.30 am and 6pm. Evenings and Saturdays, where essential and works for both you and me.

Further information

Please note that I also have inspirational career and personal development products for everyone, ranging from my published books, audio book CD and MP3 programmes starting at under £10. Check out the Store on my website: https://steveprestonthecareercatalyst.com/shop/

Other news...my 3rd book Portfolio Careers - How to Work for Passion, Pleasure & Profit is now available on Amazon in paperback having been a Kindle bestseller. This is a ground breaking book, and as Dr Barrie Hopson writes in the Foreword:

"It is always good to get a new perspective on a topic one has lived with and loved for many years. With this book Steve has taken portfolio careers into a new era. Passion is a key element and I love the subtitle that links Passion to Pleasure and Profit. In doing so, Steve has established an important new angle for portfolio careers.

With this book, Steve will give you the inspiration and the practical wherewithal to successfully create your own portfolio career and lifestyle. Consider the case studies and imagine what Steve would be able to write about you and your journey towards working for Passion, Pleasure and Profit, in the years to come!"

Check out the details via this link http://www.steveprestonthecareercatalyst.com/portfolio-careers/

'Winning Through Career Change' is the second book in my 'Winning Through' series and described as THE definitive career change book! Also, now available in an updated paperback and new Kindle book. Check out the details via this link:

Internationally acclaimed published author and speaker endorsed by Brian Tracy – Internationally Renowned Speaker, Psychologist, Author of over 70 top selling books
“Changing jobs for any reason can be the great turning point in your career and in your life. This excellent book shows you how to make the rest of your work life – the best of your work life.”

Finally, please do check out my Career Catalyst blog for further inspiration and I would love to have your constructive comments:

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