Yvonne Bullen: Breakthrough /Career/ Executive & Mindfulness Coaching

Yvonne Bullen: Breakthrough /Career/ Executive & Mindfulness Coaching

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About me

Welcome to my profile,

“You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results”                                                                                          Mahatma Gandhi

Personal and business coaching provides you with a unique opportunity to challenge your thinking, increase self-awareness, emotional intelligence and to collaboratively create a more fulfilling and enriching experience both in and out of the work environment to the benefit of both individual and organisation.

With this in mind I work to inspire, champion and expand awareness whilst developing clarity with a future paced dynamic emphasis on the specific areas of coaching required by the individual client.

As an ICF accredited coach with a renowned PGDip accredited psychotherapy training, I also bring over 25 years of corporate industry experience gained in the UK and overseas working for international corporate organisations within the retail, catering and wholesale FMCG sector and in financial services marketing.

My work draws on experience gained working in the culturally diverse private sector, townships and schools in South Africa alongside adults and children, both as a professional and a volunteer career, confidence and motivation coach and counsellor/psychotherapist.

Whilst working overseas I participated in mentoring small start-up enterprises and have also been directly involved in setting up and managing businesses both in the UK and overseas some involving international trade.

During the 12 years I spent in South Africa, my personal development, transformational journey towards greater self-awareness became the catalyst for beginning my work on a therapeutic and a professional coaching level.

Through my experience I have become a strong advocate for promoting that it isn’t how qualified, skilled or competent you appear to others or “look” on paper, that determines real authentic success, it is how you feel inside and how you use your inner power, your mind and thoughts to overcome the emotional blocks or mental barriers which can prevent you from getting ahead and feeling inspired to make positive changes to your life.

How I work

My way of working is compassionate yet dynamic, both therapeutic and goal orientated being focused on getting powerful results. I work consciously to raise self- awareness and authentic power using insightful, straight talking and collaborative coaching processes drawn from a creative blend of tools and inspiring ways to tap into your personal, employees and/or organisations potential.

Whether you are looking for personal, business, executive or blended psycho-therapeutic coaching, the process begins with a 90 minute personal scoping session designed to assess your current situation and think together about your desired goals and aspirations.

I tailor sessions and work creatively with what each person brings into the session and then align this to ensure we're working to fulfil your goals.

I offer packages designed to provide ongoing support and as such contact in between sessions via email, What's App or phone is part of the agreement.

Every programme is unique and personalised.

Some of the key reasons people seek coaching are listed below. For more detailed take a look at my website.

What are the main types of coaching I offer?

  • Personal /  Breakthrough Coaching

Creating a more fulfilling life, getting life back on track, career development or change including back to work confidence building, empowerment for women in parenting, self-confidence, skills and leadership development, relationships, health and wellbeing.

  • Business/Organisation

Small business entrepreneurs, start-up, expansion, organisation leadership development, talent recruitment & development, team coaching, outplacement services and happiness in the workplace programmes

  • Mindfulness Facilitator (Group and Individual)

In a corporate setting, mindfulness can induce a greater sense of well-being.  I offer group workshops and individual sessions in organisations designed to jump start a change in behavioural habits and thinking which can lead to higher productivity, lower absenteeism and happier employees in the workplace. Contact me now to book an introductory session.

  • Executive Coaching

Leadership and management development, effective communication enhancement, presentation and public speaking skills, day to day sound boarding for strategic and organisational tasks and problems.

  • Blended Psychotherapeutic Coaching

Defining personal goals and aspirations within the context of resolving emotional blocks and barriers to self-fulfilment and happiness

Take a chance call me and begin your own journey to becoming the real you. No obligation, just a chat.

Training, qualifications & experience

Being passionate about inspiring others and committed to making a difference, I continuously add to my skills and experience by training, updating and implementing new learning material regularly through certified and fully accredited organisations.

I also seek collaborative professional support through supervision and peer groups. This combination ensures I am trained to a high professional standard in all my areas of work related interests.

My training qualifications include:

  • ICF Accredited Professional Coaching Diploma
  • ICF Accredited Firework Career Coaching Certification
  • Mindfulness Now Teacher Training (Accredited via British Psychology Society).
  • DISC Personality Profiling Accreditation
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Theory and Practice - WPF Therapy (a leading clinic and institute in London) accredited by the University of Roehampton
  • Meta Coaching Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification & Master NLP practitioner Certification
  • EMDR Accredited European & Ireland training Programme
  • Diploma in Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy Certification
  • Level 5 university diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling from Hertfordshire University
  • Level 4 Counselling Certification in working with children and adolescents from Place2be London Accredited via CABC
  • BSc hons Psychology from York University
  • CIM Marketing Diploma

Professional Accreditation Memberships

I am a registered and accredited member of the following professional bodies and adhere to their strict Codes of Ethics and professional framework. As part of this requirement I undertake regular supervision to help inform my work and commit to ongoing personal development.

  • International Coaching Foundation (ICF). Credentialed and full member
  • British Psychoanalytical Council (BPC) - awaiting membership number
  • UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) - awaiting membership number
  • Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling (FPC) -  awaiting membership number

Member organisations


Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Mindfulness Training and Group sessions in house corporate packages available
  • Free in house Mental Health Awareness Presentations
  • Mindfulness Awareness Presentations (group and individual sessions) : 1 hour FREE trial.
  • EMDR -  Eye Movement Desensitising Reprocessing (Removing old belief patterns, behaviours and event / situation related traumas)
  • Women striving for leadership  and career enhancement
  • Stress/ burnout -  Especially immune related illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue, Viruses
  • Eating disorders.
  • Exam stress and depression.
  • Rehabilitation: Alcohol, prescription drugs, smoking, eating.


Personal & Professional coaching sessions:

  • Standard 120 mins  face to face:  Fee @ £200
  • Standard 120 mins  skype / zoom / phone: Fee £140
  • Full AM / PM process sessions 3 hours: face to face, plus 1.5 hour follow-up: Fee @ £450

Packages may include additional support in between sessions as follows:

  • 30 min phone calls up to twice between sessions: An additional cost of £100
  • Ad hoc general email check in and full on line coaching software programme access with action, accountability tools and exercises.

I also offer discounts for packages and longer term contracts paid upfront as follows:

5%, 7% and 10% discounts for 6, 9, and 12 sessions respectively.

Session dates are arranged to suit you and can be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly depending on your targets.

Some people prefer a full morning or afternoon session taking up more than one session booking. For example: 3 hours long.

Organisational coaching is negotiated based on the scope of the work and the length of the project. I offer tailored workshop, one to one coaching and time-limited psychotherapy work.

See website for more details or call for an initial, no obligation  consultation.

An average daily rate of £850 is my fee and includes approximately 5 or 6 hours of consulting / group or individual and a follow up report or meeting if required.

Please make contact if you would like to discuss any aspect of coaching and fees or have any other questions around the way I work.

Further information

“Collaborative, conscious coaching can be seen as an empowering journey of self-discovery which enables you to operate from a more powerful and fulfilling space than you are currently living”

Why Choose Personal or Business Coaching?

Coaching has the power to create lasting change by challenging and shifting your perspective on life. It provides a framework offering practical tools and solutions, emotional development and support whilst facilitating the process of breaking down the blocks and barriers which prevent you from reaching your personal and professional goals.

With this in mind, I offer dynamic solution focused processes which help pave the way towards finding the fulfilment, direction and purpose in your personal and your professional life.

I recognise that coaching is about having someone alongside you with whom you have a good rapport, who is able to inspire, motivate and champion you to feel able to strive for the life you aspire to create.

Through my work as a psychotherapist, I have come to the understanding that the quality of the relationship and the rapport generated is one of the main conditions required for a successful coaching partnership.

Coaching works on the philosophy that change happens…whether you want it to or not. For many, the best kind of change is the change you drive when you decide to take control of your life and become the person you desire to be in terms of reaching your full potential and feeling fulfilled in all aspects of your life.

10 of the immediate advantages of working with a Personal or Business Coach

  • To have an independent trusted colleague alongside you in a confidential professional capacity. A professional coach creates a safe space where the disclosure of sometimes sensitive and personal information can be shared and thought about without critical judgement, fear of repercussion or it being leaked to others outside the coaching framework.
  • To increase self –awareness. Define who you are committed to being, question what drives your behaviour, how you perceive others and the world around you and the impact your thinking and  feeling has on your life.
  • To have a personal champion who celebrates your every move and offers a productive and creative space for you to challenge your thinking, evaluate your actions and also reflect on the emotional impact your decisions may have on your future.
  • To have an objective sounding board. Someone who listens and adds value to your ideas, conflicts or emotional situations without ‘telling you’ what to do next.
  • To generate a positive can do attitude. A coach can inspire and motivate you towards a new way of perceiving and being in the world.
  • To kick-start or re-ignite or implement new ideas, create life plans and clarity over longer term vision.
  • To create energy and momentum which prevents inertia and negative thinking getting in the way of progress.
  • Discover what it is you are striving for.
  • To maintain focus and make you accountable for your actions.
  • To take responsibility for how your life turns out through a clear, planned process which provides a framework for you to achieve your desired outcomes.

There are countless reasons for seeking to work with a coach and the spectrum of the work can branch out in many directions depending on the starting point of the coaching focus and the individual’s unique personal challenges.

Some of the Key Areas addressed through a professional coaching programme

  • Career change or development
  • Implementation of a business idea or start-up programme
  • Relationships: current, past and new
  • Increase Self Awareness
  • Work-life balance
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Dealing with Stress and Fatigue
  • Understanding and managing internal Anger
  • Assertiveness difficulties
  • Health and well-being related issues
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Self -acceptance and self-confidence
  • Creating Identity
  • Defining personal happiness and fulfilment
  • Spiritual development
  • Women in business or corporate organisations
  • Understanding how to work with Cultural diversity

Some of the Key Changes and Benefits you can experience from working with a professional coach

  • Clarity of Vision, Direction and Purpose
  • Balance – get rid of exhaustion, guilt and the frustration of 'juggling'
  • An experience of reaching Personal Fulfilment
  • Feeling a stronger connection to your Inner Power
  • A growth in Self-Confidence and Personal Presence
  • Better management of Stress, Anxiety, Frustration, Anger and Fear
  • Being able to use your Emotional Intelligence to communicate and relate to those around you creating powerful and targeted results
  • Creation of realistic Goals with clear outcomes and implementation strategies that work
  • The discovery of your own Personal Success Formula
  • Feeling more able to Consciously Create your life rather than reacting to situations and events.

What can embarking on a coaching programme create space for?

  • Taking Time Out dedicated for you to focus attention on your unique personal situations for growth and development.
  • Staying focused and generating goals that embody true power and define outcomes that work for your unique personality and life vision.
  • Developing your Emotional Intelligence and learning how to communicate with more empathy and effectiveness.
  • Changing what is not working in your life, adding more of what does and develop the tools to implement critical strategies and tools that will help you take quantum leaps forward in life.
  • Creating your own ideas – truly owning them – and challenging old ways of thinking that may be doing you a disservice in realising your true potential and happiness in life.
  • Discovering what it is you really want to achieve in life. Finding your true passion and purpose.
  • Developing your Identity and becoming the kind of person you want to be.
  • Rooting out and challenging hidden beliefs that have held you back from making progress in your life.
  • Identifying and testing your Values. You will a gain greater understanding around why you think, feel and act the way you do both in business and personal situations. Become empowered to change those values that hold you back or no longer work for the life you want to live.
  • Being 100% in control of your experience throughout the coaching process

During the Coaching programme I use a combination of deep enquiry, awareness creation and behavioural change tools and processes to access and elevate your thinking and feeling to a higher consciousness.

As the client you are taken on a deep inner journey of exploration to uncover and challenge hidden beliefs, values, behaviour patterns and habits. This is the foundation for creating Your Personal Success Formula.

It is these unconscious thought processes which prevent us from accessing our 'inner authenticity' and feeling more fulfilled with life. You will begin to experience more 'freedom of choice' and the ability to consciously create your life moment by moment.

Your innate energy (vibrational frequency) is raised and you begin to tap into a whole new way of being.

Make contact and let's talk.

London, EC4R
Kings Langley, WD4

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes
Home visits: No

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Accessibility information
Wheelchair access: No

I am available to work using video web conferencing: Skype or Zoom


Saturday Afternoons for 3 hour breakthrough face to face sessions. Wednesdays in London EC4R or Kings Langley WD4