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8 Parkway


01625 878450 / 07702 726001

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8 Parkway


01625 878450 / 07702 726001

About me

Wendy's Personal Statement

There isn’t a stereotypical person that contacts me for coaching, from twelve years old to eighty, male, female, professional, parents, grandparents and students. If you are feeling stuck, if you are suffering from low self-esteem and lack confidence or (as with many cases) you just need an objective ear to thrash around your ideas with, I know I can help you. Coaching is an exciting experience as most people are embarking on a new phase of their lives, one where they are taking time out to think clearly about what they want to achieve. Call me and see whether you are ready to embrace change and your future.

For organisations looking to enhance their employee wellbeing I offer a bespoke service of “Open Road Thinking”. The interactive, energised and thought-provoking workshops give individuals a new insight into how they approach work and home life. Sparking creativity, improving communication and team spirit and encouraging accountability are just some of the outcomes.

Choose U Coaching Services

Life Coaching: Feeling stuck, gaining control, future planning, increasing confidence and self-esteem

Career Coaching: Goal setting, planning, action and commitment

Teenage coaching: coping with stress and anxiety, body image, relationships

Sports performance: focus, motivation, belief, positive visualisation

Teenagers and Young Adults

I have worked with children and teenagers for 25 years. As a physical education teacher, sports coach and personal trainer, I enjoy building good relationships and rapport with this age group. Motivating and inspiring our youth is a particular passion and seeing them learn to believe in their own ability, to take control and grow is wonderful.

The main areas that I help teenagers with are:

  • Building strategies to reduce their levels of anxiety and stress;

  • Increasing resilience;
  • Building a growth mind set, reducing their fear of failure;
  • Increasing self-esteem;

  • Increasing self-confidence;

Training, qualifications & experience


NLP practitioner and life coach
Qualified personal trainer and nutritional advisor
B.A. (Hons) in Physical Education and Biology
Listener and trainer at the Samaritans

What people say about me
Rather that list all the different clients I have coached I will give you a brief description of what they have said about me as a coach.

" Wendy can inspire anyone to believe in themselves"
" You have given me faith that there are people out there who care."
" I couldn't have done it without your help"
" I am now in control of my weight, I am happy and I am not on a diet, I am in control"
" I feel I have known you for ages and you have really listened to me"
" You have made me realise that I have choices and I can change my life"
" My daughter would not be where she is today, playing netball for her county if you hadn't inspired and believed in her."
" I have a better relationship with my children because of our sessions, thank you."
" Thank you for helping me to find myself again."
" Thank you for creating this opportunity for me to meet all these new amazing people at Choose U."
" Choose U has given me the kick up the backside that I needed, I am going to make changes."

Teaching and sports coaching
I have also taught P.E. and biology to all ages and been involved in coaching children and teenagers to achieve their fitness and sporting goals, often to County standard.  I believe that I can motivate and guide most people to achieve what is important to them.

Volunteering Roles
I am also a listener at the Samaritans which I love and I have also taken on the role of trainer where I am involved in the training of all new Samaritans joining our organisation. The Samaritans has given me a great depth of listening skills which I feel is invaluable to my coaching career. Active listening and questioning being one of the most vital skills for a any coach.

Life Coach for CIAO (coaching inside and out)
Working within Styal prison but also outside the prison, helping clients to move forward in their lives.

Call Wendy  for a free consultation
As individuals we all have a unique story to tell, we have different needs and expectations of coaching.  If you want to find out more about Wendy's experience and how she can help you, please call her for an informal discussion.

Visit Wendy's website at www.choose-u.com where you can get a clearer idea of the other services that she offers at Choose U.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Teenage anxiety, exam stress
relationship worries
Fear of public speaking and presentations
Work life balance
Mindful of living in the moment


1-1 life Coaching £65 per hour

1-1 face to face life coaching - usually a client feels ready to move forward themselves after 4-6 sessions. These sessions can be taken on a regular basis or intermittently, depending on the clients preference. Call Wendy for a free no obligation consultation.

Teenagers and Young Adults £65 per hour

I work with teenagers from the age of 13 and if they are under the age of 16 I usually ask that a parent or a responsible adult is present. This is because understanding strategies is very important and support and encouragement from home, in between the sessions, is very beneficial to the young client.

Further information


Karen Bennett

Choose U Coaching has really been life changing for me to be honest, it has surpassed all expectations and I was honestly taken a back how quickly I could start to make some real changes to help improve what I get out of my life, have more fun, and worry less.   Wendy is an absolutely great support, a great coach and just really gets it – everything she says is spot on.    She is very easy to talk to, and really draws out how you are really feeling/what your fears are very quickly so you can start to work together to develop a plan.  It can be quite hard and potentially embarrassing at times to talk through your fears and anxiety but Wendy has a very special way with her so you can be completely honest and work together on something very achievable.

I would recommend Wendy to anyone who really wants to make a change in their life I will continue with on-going coaching with Wendy – it’s one of the best investments you could ever make.

Sarah Jones

Although I am not usually one to make New Year’s Resolutions, always feeling that I was setting myself up to fail, this year is different, this year I have made the following promises to myself....

I will live in the moment more and stop focussing on the future (because the future never comes!) I am going to continue to make more of my time outside work in a bid feel more fulfilled I am going to focus on appreciating what I have, instead of always striving for something "better"

These may not seem mind blowing decisions but they are important to me and I was only able to make these resolutions following my sessions with Wendy. She helped me to focus on what was important and what was missing from my life and how to go about achieving these things without getting stressed.

Her friendly, down to earth approach helps to create a relaxed yet productive session. We just had 2 sessions in the end but I know that should I need help to re-focus then another ad-hoc session will be absolutely fine.

Rose - mother of 17 year old girl,

When my daughter began to suffer from panic attacks, I felt powerless to help her.  Being her mum, I just wanted to take away all the pain and anxiety and make her feel better.  However, nothing I could say or do was of any help and I open ended up making things worse.  I realised that she needed to have the power to help herself.   I came across Choose U Coaching and she was willing to give it a go.  I am so glad she did, because with Wendy’s guidance, she now has the knowledge to help herself when things get tough.   There may well be situations in the future where she feels anxious but now she knows that she’s equipped to deal with it and is a much calmer person as a result.


“Coaching has made a huge difference to me, I have a confidence I never expected to have. My life now is happier. I am happier and I know who I am and what I want and how to make it happen. Wendy you are amazing and thank you for being my coach, your skills have empowered and taught me so much and I have a new me.”

Carole Howard:  I started to work with Wendy at a time when my life was in tatters. When I first met her she asked me ‘what are you prepared to do to make things better’ and my reply of ‘I will do anything’ gave us both the indication that this was going to prove to be a most fruitful relationship, built on the belief that whatever your situation improvement is possible, provided that you are prepared to put in the effort and not expect other people to wave a magic wand for you.

I had personal coaching and support from her, off and on, over a number of years and I can honestly say that she inspired me to make two of the most important decisions of my whole life. When I was stuck, Wendy helped me to see that new ways forward were possible and I did not necessarily have to do what others demanded of me

Looking back I can see that without Wendy my life would be very different, I would certainly not be as physically fit, I would not live in the house I live in and I would not be in the relationship that I am in.

I would say that Wendy has played a pivotal role in my life. I value her enthusiasm, her energy and her belief in the power of the individual to change their life.

Catrin Emma Woods:  I have known Wendy now for twenty five years and in that time I have got to know her exceptionally well. Wendy has always shown great integrity and empathy when dealing with people and she is always concerned about the happiness of individuals that she surrounds herself with.

Wendy has the most amazing passion for things that she believes in and I have never met anyone who could enthuse about these things, as she does. It is infectious and inspiring and a very unique quality that she possesses. In the time that I have known her there have been so many instances when I have been able to rely on her support and encouragement. She has helped me to gain strength and through sound advice given, I have been able to make good positive choices in my life.

Wendy is an amazing individual who will guide anyone through difficult times but will also inspire you to follow your dream.

Kathryn Hughes:  Best-selling author of ‘The Letter’. Going to a Choose U session makes you realise that you are an individual in your own right and not just someone’s mother, wife, sister or employee. Whilst those roles are of course important, Choose U makes you think about yourself for a change and what defines you as a person.

The sessions are good fun, informative and you know you are in the safe hands of Wendy, who makes it her mission to ensure that everyone leaves feeling better about themselves. The ambience of the sessions is relaxing and friendly and even the most reticent among us leave feeling as though we can conquer anything with the support of Wendy and our new-found friends.

Ruth Bailey: After having a baby, I lost quite a bit of confidence and was finding that there were lots of barriers, preventing me achieving some of the things I wanted. I was also finding it difficult to maintain a good balance between work (which I love) and being a good mum.

My experience with Choose U has been lifesaving. Not only have I made some great friends, I have found tools to rebuild my confidence and taken steps forward in achieving some of the things that were important to me. I now feel much more energised and have taken on more work. Because of this I am happier in my home life, which rubs off on my daughter and husband.

Thank you Wendy!

Robyn Mills: My sessions with Choose U made me realise that I can change my life and if I take small steps then I really can achieve things that are important to me. I was stuck in a rut and aiming for things that weren’t going to happen straight away – basically setting myself up to fail by setting the bar too high.

Choose U helped me feel more positive about the future by assisting me to set more realistic goals and on an achievable timescale to reach them! Meeting some new people at the sessions was a bonus as there are a lot of women in the same situation as me – it was great to speak to them and have the opportunity to share experiences and ideas.

I feel like I am on my way… and I am enjoying the journey! Thank you Choose U.

Wendy North -"I would love to recommend Choose U! Wendy was so friendly and approachable I instantly felt relaxed. I was able to focus on areas of my life that I wanted to improve on. Wendy was really encouraging and created a great environment allowing ideas to be shared and promoted. I enjoyed meeting and sharing with a lovely group of women in all different places, yet with one goal of looking to move forward in a more positive way. I feel more aware and equipped in reaching my goals. I also am looking forward to the tea parties where I can keep in touch with these lovely ladies, alongside feeling supported and hopefully being a support to others. I believe we all benefitted from this course and I hope Wendy continues to help many others."

Jinny Chivers - “After 10 years of working in the yachting industry, I am at the beginning of making the adjustments of living on land, with a new life and career ahead of me. The relaxed and comfortable atmosphere helped me to bring some ‘floaty’ ideas and dreams in to a constructive, realistic and achievable plan.”

Helen Rigg - "I am a full time Mum of three. I have always focused on our children and strived to provide and support all of their needs both physically and emotionally. When they started school we experienced many external pressures which affected their outlook and behaviour which in turn had a negative effect on me. Choose U reminded me that I could not control or influence those external factors. Choose U gave me useful techniques which I can refer to in different situations which I now share with my family. I focus on the many positives in our lives and elements which are within our control."

Wilmslow, SK9 1LS
Stockport, SK12

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


Wheelchair accessible premises: Unspecified


During working hours and some weekend appointments available

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