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Business, Career, Stress & Anxiety, Biz Qualified (MBA)

About me

I am an experienced Coach and Counsellor and I help people to understand themselves and what they want at a deeper level. I also help them discover and overcome their barriers to change and moving forward. This enables them to tap into more of their potential, which transforms what they can achieve in their career or business situation. They become excited and fulfilled by their work.

You may feel my profile is quite long, so here’s a list of my specialisms so if it suits, you can scroll down and go directly to the topic that you feel is most relevant to you right now.

  • Business Coaching and Executive Coaching
  • Managing Anxiety at Work
  • Career Coaching
  • Midlife Career Reinvention
  • Start-Up or Small Business Coaching
  • My Additional Special Interest Areas

Business Coaching and Executive Coaching

If you’re a leader or a manager struggling with conflict between you and your boss or your colleagues, I can help you get a fresh perspective on your situation and help you handle your immediate fears about the situation escalating and risking your livelihood.

I can help you deal with the confusion, stress and anxiety of your situation. I’ll help you to, identify options, learn new strategies to handle difficult relationships for now and in the future, and help you rebuild your confidence so you can resolve the situation and enjoy work again.

I can also help you to:-

  • Raise your profile within your organisation and help you deepen your relationships with the key influencers and decision-makers, so you’ll be more visible, trusted and liked.  This can help you get chosen for the projects and to achieve the promotions you know you’re capable of.
  • Increase your impact so that you can lead and persuade more effectively.
  • Get clear on your development goals so you can grow your skill set, stay up to date and employable and be fully expressed in your organisation or workplace.

(See below for details about my Start-Up and Small Business Coaching).

Managing Anxiety at Work

It’s only normal to feel some anxiety ahead of making an important presentation to a crowded auditorium or before an interview for a job that you’re hoping to get.

However, if you often feel anxious in your professional life and it prevents you from meeting deadlines, communicating effectively with those around you, making decisions, progressing in your career or if it disrupts your eating or sleeping then it may be time to learn how to manage it better.

Anxiety can cause intrusive thoughts and difficult feelings including increased heart rate, shortness of breath, sweating palms, stomachache and muscle tension. These in turn can affect your behaviour causing you to try to avoid the triggers for your anxiety e.g. staying silent in meetings or avoiding networking.

I can help you to manage your anxiety :-

  • With practical and effective strategies to deal with specific situations that are difficult for you.
  • At a deeper level so that you change the relationship you have with your anxiety, so that it is less able to ‘hijack’ you in work situations. This will enable you to take back even greater control of your anxiety.

Remember.  You can learn to manage your anxiety. This will enable you to feel calmer and more in control at work again. You’ll be able to go after the promotions and roles that you know you have the talents for, and enjoy the rewards and satisfaction of more career success.

Career Coaching

If you're affected by redundancy, or if you want to move on, I can help you deal with the frustrations and disappointments of your situation. I can also help you to envision a new future and help you handle your fears about making career changes.  I’ll show you how you can tap into your desires and values, so you can find your new path and build new courage to follow it.

You might be feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled even. You may want ‘something different’ but not be clear about what that ‘something’ is. Perhaps you dream of changing your profession or career, and channeling some of your other talents into your work, but feel lost as to how to get started with those changes. Perhaps you also feel stressed when you wonder if it’s possible to earn your living in a different way.

Listening to your heart is important. It can be an important guide to help you find your new path. I’ve helped many people, just like you, find a new more satisfying way of working in their current organisation. I’ve also helped many people tap into their dreams and desires and find their new career path.

I've helped them:-

  • Find peace from their anxiety about their career situation, and build new confidence and skills to make effective choices and decisions
  • Gain clarity
  • Connect with what they want
  • Set compelling goals
  • Develop strategies and plans to achieve those goals
  • Identify the barriers to their progress and find ways to overcome them.
  • Uncover the 'blindspots' that may be holding them back.
  • Move forward to a brand new, meaningful and rewarding professional life.
  • End their procrastination

Specifically with regard to finding a new role I can help you to:-

  • Release yourself from feeling paralysed and unable to make decisions.
  • Handle the ‘what if’s’.
  • Provide you with the tools and techniques to build your confidence to move forward.
  • Gain insights that will help you control your doubts and fears as you make changes.
  • Assess your skills and transferable skills, so you're clear about what you have to offer.
  • Create a compelling and persuasive CV (Curriculum Vitae/Resume), so you can market yourself effectively.
  • Develop a powerful and impactful personal brand, so you can stand out from the crowd.
  • Understand your unique strengths, so you can get across the true value of your experience and clinch the roles and rewards you deserve.
  • Develop brilliant interview technique, so you can make a great impact on the day.
  • Practice for interviews, so you're relaxed and confident in key meetings.
  • Manage interview nerves, so you're able to shine on the day.
  • Get comfortable and savvy about networking offline and networking online - so you can tap into the unadvertised job market.
  • Get clear on how to maximise the impact of speculative approaches for jobs, so you can access more roles.
  • Overcome your fear of using the telephone for business and networking.

Midlife Career Reinvention

An area of special interest and expertise for me is midlife career reinvention.

I’ve reinvented my own career successfully. I also have many years’ experience helping people to uncover their 'authentic self' and move into work that is more meaningful, rewarding and fulfilling at midlife.

I can introduce you to processes and tools and techniques to help you with reinventing your career. My unique proven Reinventu™ process is underpinned by research from the psychology and innovation bodies of knowledge. This means that the steps it takes you through have been shown to be the critical steps that deliver effective personal change and personal development.

If you’re considering career change at midlife but have concerns about what’s involved and feel daunted, my short ebook can help you get started. There are tools and techniques to help you overcome some of the key barriers to reinventing your career.

Start-Up or Small Business Coaching.

It's been said that every business problem is ultimately a personal development problem!

If you’ve got a start-up or a small business and you’re struggling to make headway, I can help you take control of your feelings of frustration and of being alone.

I’ll bring a fresh pair of eyes to the situation and help you tackle your fears that your business isn’t going to work out, so you can keep moving forward towards your business goals.

I’ll help you diagnose which areas need more of your attention and what if anything, you might be missing, I'll support you to prioritise where to focus your efforts. I’ll provide you with proven processes, tools and techniques so you’ll gain confidence and get your business planning on a sound footing.

You’ll feel calmer as you get your business back on track and revitalised as you reconnect with those dreams that led you to start your business. You’ll be able to push your business forward to the next level.

Additionally I can help you to:-

  • Get clear about your business basics so that you’re offering your customers exactly what they want.
  • Develop your content and communication strategy so that your marketing resonates, takes up less of your time and gets you leads and sales.
  • Build the type of deep relationships that must surround every small business for it to thrive

My Additional Special Interest Areas

  • Helping introverts succeed in an extrovert working world.
  • Helping creative people find meaningful, rewarding and satisfying work that uses their creative talents.
  • Developing your 'skillful will', so that you can maintain motivation regardless of how you're feeling at any particular time and the impact you've been having (or not having!) so far, and go on to get the best results without expending all your energy and burning out.

Getting in touch

The first thing I would suggest is a brief phone conversation.

This will give you the opportunity to discuss what is going on for you and ask me any questions you may have about coaching and how I work as a practitioner. To arrange this you can either contact me via the contact form on this page or by phone 07919 325150.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Professional Certified Clean Coach
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Certificate in Life Coaching
  • Diploma in Performance Coaching
  • Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Chartered Marketer
  • Graduate certificate in Psychosynthesis Coaching and Counselling
  • Essentials of Psychosynthesis
  • Toastmasters International Advanced Communicator Silver
  • Toastmasters International Competent Leader
  • BA(hons) Chinese
  • Board Member, Speaker and Coach with Bracknell Careers Springboard

I have over 20 years experience working in or with FTSE 100 or Fortune 500 companies and still have ongoing relationships with many organisations through my consultancy work.

I have also worked in small companies and consultancies and have founded and manage a training consultancy.

This means I understand diverse workplaces, and the challenges and opportunities that they present to their employees.

My forthcoming book is Staying Relevant – Innovating your Professional Role after 40.

I am trained in a variety of different coaching methodologies and will choose an approach that is most appropriate to your situation - so we can work together to achieve excellent results in the shortest time.

I have business qualifications including an MBA (Masters Degree in Business Administration) and many years of experience working in large and small organisations. I also founded and still run an innovation training consultancy.

My business experience means I can understand the context of your workplace; be it the functional areas and roles, the management speak or the political environment! Clients have told me that my background business/organisational  knowledge has helped them to feel that I understand their work environment - and what they feel they're up against! … And this has helped us establish rapport quickly.

My extensive knowledge of creativity and innovation complements my coaching and change expertise and means I can tap into a wider range of methodologies, tools and techniques. This means I have more ways to help you increase your self-awareness and more ways to give you the bespoke help that best suits your personality, aspirations and background.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Personal development, motivation, leadership, redundancy coaching, career change, career development, executive coaching, second act career, career reboot, finding your purpose, finding your calling, aligning your career/life with your values, finding work/career that is authentic, finding work/career that is more meaningful, overcoming fears, starting a business, start-up business coaching, small business coaching, marketing for small businesses and start up businesses, business planning for small business and start-ups, business development for small businesses and start-ups, executive coaching, career development, negotiating, understanding large organisations, interview coaching, networking online and offline.
Career advice, career planning, career transitions, career development, career transformation, career workshops, group coaching, team coaching, 2nd Act Career, career guidance, new career, career rethink, retirement and pre-retirement coaching, returning to work after ill health, managing caring responsibilities alongside your career. Building confidence and resilience, portfolio careers, work/life balance, staff coaching, public-speaking coaching, communication skills.


Additional information

Please call or email me if you would like to arrange a free, initial phone call or skype chat about your specific challenges and what would be the best package to get the results you want! if you leave a message I will call you back.

If you were looking for face to face coaching and you don't feel I'm local enough to you - have you thought about online/skype coaching? Via skype I work with people in all parts of the UK and across Europe.

My coaching is particularly well suited to online working as I provide clients with many templates and worksheets to work on ahead of the sessions. Past clients have been very happy with the results they achieved through online coaching.

I offer competitively priced coaching packages.

Because I often provide clients with templates and worksheets to complete ahead of the coaching session. This means that in the actual coaching sessions we can cover more ground. It also means that you build up a dossier of material for your future reference.

When I work

Monday to Saturday between 9am and 7pm

Further information

What My Clients are Saying.

From Idea to Plans
"I worked with Trudy for a while and have progressed from having no idea where I wanted to take my career, to having a brand new life! Through the process I identified new options, researched them and looked at the new skills I needed. After acquiring those skills I'm now in a brand new role in international development. It's been brilliant, and I've never before felt my work to be so satisfying and rewarding. "

Sue S

Fast Results

"Trudy coaches and equips you with thinking tools that achieve fast results."

Phil H

Very Motivating
"I was really stuck before I went to the career reinvention workshop. Looking back I realise I was scared because I was lost when it came to my career.
The workshop was incredibly motivating. The group was made up of people facing the same challenges as me. The pre-work and the exercises helped me realise just how many options I have. Trudy was incredibly motivating to work with."

Paul T

Overcoming Procrastination in Job Search

"I was already familiar with the technique (NLP Modeling) Trudy used; so was glad Trudy was qualified to use such a powerful technique with me. I also went over the process separately after the session since I took some key notes as we progressed through the session".

"This really improved my clarity of mind and my ability to dismiss negative thoughts associated with the situation. This was achieved by focusing on a positive visualisation relating to the situation which caused the negative feelings/ emotions to take over."


"Coaching with Trudy has been a tremendous lift to my thought processes. Trudy used a specific technique with me, after listening to my challenges. Trudy coached me through two issues) procrastinating and ii) drifting/not seeing tasks through by being easily distracted. Trudy brought me into the present and focused my mind on the outcome I wanted while de-focusing my negative thoughts that were holding me back. Trudy coaches and equips you with thinking tools that achieve fast results".

Miss N. A. (Berkshire)

Career Change Success

"My job had been made redundant and I was looking it as an opportunity to change direction in my work.  However, the experience of redundancy and unemployment really knocked my self-confidence and was emotionally very difficult for me to handle, so I was looking for support, positivity and focus.

"My experience of the coaching sessions was very positive.  Trudy established my trust easily and quickly so I was able to follow her lead during the session comfortably.  Her style was gentle and supportive and we did touch on some very raw emotions but she guided me through what was a new experience for me in a very supportive way".

"I felt calmer after the coaching and the result of Trudy focusing on the positive and building those positive thoughts up, led to me feeling stronger and more able to deal with the ups and downs of job hunting/interviews etc. I also developed really actionable plans"

What I would say to anyone considering coaching with Trudy

"If you are going through a difficult time, for whatever reason, take the plunge.  It really does help."

Alison Jones

Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12

Type of session

In person
Home visits

Key details

I offer online coaching which may be of help to you.