About me

I specialise in personal development coaching and my role is to support you in achieving your goals.  This is achieved through helping you to discover your own best way forward and empowering you to take responsibility for thinking and making decisions for yourself, using your own resources.

I like working with people looking to make changes in their life. This may be due to redundancy, retirement, a need for better personal finance management or perhaps a desire to improve confidence, or make a career change.

I am naturally good at building rapport and have a desire to help people succeed. I have a very relaxed conversational style and encourage people to think creatively. I am comfortable working in either a coaching or mentoring capacity depending on the needs of the client.

As we work together I will help you set achievable goals and look at what is happening in your world in terms of where you are now, versus where you want to be.  We will examine what is important to you and what your values are.  We will look at what obstacles you might face and what options are available to you and, between us, we will devise the steps necessary to achieve your goal.

My preference is to work face to face as I believe this is the best environment for creating a trusting and relaxed working relationship. I understand however that this will not always be possible and so telephone or Zoom work well too.

My first session is always free as this gives you the opportunity to decide whether coaching is right for you. It also gives me the opportunity to understand what you are looking for and to answer any questions you may have.

If you decide coaching is right for you then the frequency and duration of our sessions is really down to you - some clients like to work at a fast pace and meet weekly, while others are happier to take things more slowly and meet maybe every other month - you are in charge. My mission is in helping you to help yourself.

Training, qualifications & experience

Qualified life coach and NLP Practitioner. Both qualifications obtained through The Coaching Academy.

Member organisations


The Association for NLP

The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP) is a UK Association for NLP Professionals.


Additional information

Introductory session - Free

Type                              Duration                        Price

Single session                 60 minutes                       £35

Single session                 30 minutes                       £20

Block of 6 sessions         60 minutes                       £200

Block of 6 sessions         30 minutes                       £100

These are the standard packages available, however bespoke packages can be tailored to suit requirements.

I am available both during the day or the evening, Monday to Friday.  Exceptionally, weekend sessions can be arranged.

Payment can be made either in cash or via bank transfer.


Totally flexible, I am generally available Monday to Friday day or evening.

Further information


Through his excellent rapport skills and abilities, thoughtfulness but importantly caring nature, he has opened up many different possibilities for me to achieve my goals, which I may have never achieved so effectively and efficiently otherwise.  It has been an eye-opening experience.


Tony has helped me immensely in guiding me to recognise my values and goals, and given me tools and guidance to explore options to achieve those goals.  In our first few meetings he observed that the things I wanted to be, have and do, were all creative.  I had never considered myself to be a creative person.  Recognising this has been crucial in realising that an outlet I was ignoring could actually restore balance to my wellbeing.


When I started with Tony I was at quite a confusing time and felt quite out of control of my life and future path.  He gave me some homework to do in the first session which was really quite eye opening, where I had to prioritise different areas of my life to figure out what was important to me.  At the start I thought I had to make a compromise but actually, Tony helped me see that I have room in my life for everything.


The sessions made me take a look at what my overall  life goals were, and I discovered that actually my long term goals had changed, but where it had been the same for so long I was unable to deviate from it.


With Tony's help, I have been able to identify what my long term goals are and, crucially, how to take practical steps in order to achieve them.  I've also been able to identify the obstacles that have, on occasion, prevented me from moving forward in pursuit of these goals.  Tony has been particularly helpful in unlocking these obstacles and working through them with me so that I have been able to make headway and progress.

I have gained some additional confidence and self-belief through our sessions and I have found that having someone to talk things through with in an objective and unbiased way has been really useful, and I've learned much more about myself during the coaching process.


Tony has helped me to focus on my goals rather than focus on past failures.  He has helped me to get back control of my life when all seemed too overwhelming.


Working with Tony has a been really enlightening. Through the use of practical exercises, I've been better able to understand what I want, why I want it, and make progress towards my goals.


Type of session

In person
Home visits