About me

Teresa, a former nursing sister, used the below techniques to recover from a number of chronic health conditions including 12 years of severe Fibromyalgia, M.E., under active Thyroid as well as taking her marriage from near failure to a very successful marriage. It also transformed her difficult relationship with friends and brought about much deeper and more meaningful connections with other people when she recovered from Co-Dependant addiction. After a lifetime of attracting narcissists and also a psychopath, she now only attracts caring, loving and respectful people into her life. It has also resulted in her becoming more confident and able to do public speaking. These techniques saved her life, she wouldn't be here now if these techniques hadn't transformed her health and relationships. She is very intuitive which is a great aid for this type of work. Even though she has transformed her life and is very happy, she has never been one to settle. She is always asking how she can have more happiness, fun, fulfilment, connection with others etc and then setting new goals in pursuit of that. This is why she is so passionate about helping others to make change and transform their life.

How I Can Help You

Are you looking to have great relationships with your partner, family, friends and colleagues as well as maybe transforming your physical and emotional health? I can help you to get really clear on what you want and to remove the blocks to achieving it. Many of my clients suffer with a lack of self –worth as a result of emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Some grew up modelling parents with low self-worth.When you love and respect yourself you refuse to accept poor treatment from others and set firm boundaries. When childhood wounds are set free they no longer block you from getting what you want and they no longer act as a “magnet” to poor behaviour from others. This also means that narcissists can no longer abuse you as you are no longer a vibrational match for them. You feel confident to be the real you and create the relationships you’ve always wanted that never seemed to happen. You become free and are no longer controlled by or at the mercy of others. This then transforms your physical and emotional well- being.

Who I Serve

Are you ready to find your soulmate and stop repeating negative patterns?

Do you want to improve the relationship that you are in and get clear on what they want; maybe you are really struggling to make it work or are thinking about leaving?

Is your partner refusing to get help? I can help you to transform your relationship by yourself.

Have you suffered emotional, sexual or physical abuse as a child and/or adult or been made to feel worthless or not good enough?

Are you a caring and sensitive person and maybe an empath?

Are you attracted to one controlling and narcissistic person after another into your life? This is often as family, friends, colleagues and partners. Maybe you are struggling to leave a narcissistic person, or keep going back as you feel addicted.

Are you just wanting to recover from abuse and maybe don’t want another partner relationship?

Are you struggling to deal with confrontation and conflict and finding it hard to communicate your boundaries or needs?

Are you having trust issues and finding the need to control your relationships to feel safe?

Are you struggling to let go of past relationships that you are unable to get over?

Do you suffer with any or all of the following, depression, anxiety, Irritable bowel, physical pain, M.E, Fibromyalgia, difficulty loosing weight and thyroid or adrenal problems due to years of feeling stressed and being unable to relax? Arthritis or other health challenges? I can help you release these symptoms.

Do you find that you support others and often then find when you need help yourself that these people disappear?

Are going through or have gone through a divorce?

Do you only see the good in others and can’t understand why others don’t treat you with the care and respect that you show them?

Do you think that if you try harder and give more to someone who treats you poorly, that you will be given the love/care/respect you deserve but you never or rarely get it and just try harder and harder?

Do you feel that as you aren’t good enough and have to get your self-worth by pleasing others and getting their approval?

Do you believe that you are unimportant and here to take care of others because it feels like other people and their needs are more important?

Do you feel overwhelmed because you can’t say no and put everyone else’s needs first?

Do you feel a need to help or “rescue” other people that are behaving as a victim and suffering in some way as you have a need to take the other person’s pain away and fix them?

Do you have difficulty being completely honest with some people?

Have you or your partner had an affair? Do you need help in either transforming your relationship or moving on.

Individual Programmes all Taylor Made to Your Individual Requirements

My Narcissist abuse Co-Dependant Recovery Programme allows people to release the need to help and “rescue” other people and to find self-worth and confidence as well as becoming empowered.

Many of my clients choose my Conscious Relationship Creation Programme when they are ready to attract their soul mate. This allows them to find what they want in a relationship with exercises that get them in touch with their needs, values and red flags. It also teaches lots of secret ways you can spot from the start if your potential partner is a good match for you. For those that need it there are many tips on dating as well as communication. This programme together with easy transformative techniques means that they become unstoppable in finding and attracting their soul mate.

Some people are contemplating leaving their mediocre or unhappy relationship. Providing there is no abuse in the relationship I offer my Conscious Relationship Transformation Programme.

Would You Like To:

  • Say yes to joy, empowerment and ease in finding and having the partner and friends of your dreams.
  • Say yes to freedom from emotional, physical and sexual abuse.
  • Say yes to believing you are worthy of love, respect and a great partner and friends.
  • Say yes to freedom from emotional pain.
  • Say yes to removing blocks.
  • Say yes to feeling empowerment, self-worth and confidence, especially when connecting with others.
  • Say yes to better health and more energy.
  • Say yes to freedom from people pleasing behaviour and great self–care.
  • Say yes to authenticity.
  • Say yes to freedom from controlling and narcissistic people.
  • Say yes to greater clarity.

Are you fed up with struggling with poor relationships? Are you ready to turn your personal and work relationships from failing to thriving by learning new skills and removing your blocks to success? If the answer is yes then book a free 20 minute consultation with me now to discuss your needs.

Training, qualifications & experience

Teresa, a former nursing sister was trained in EFT level 2 and Matrix Reimprinting by EFT Master Karl Dawson who invented Matrix Reimprinting. Her NLP Practitioner skills add to the benefits of these transformative techniques. She also has a CBT diploma, Counselling diploma, NLP practitioner,Heart and Emotional Intelligence training, Non Violent Communication (NVC) training and Reiki level 2. She is very intuitive and has also done psychic and mediumship training.

EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and NLP are very gentle techniques of removing blocks to success and past traumas without having to go into all the details of what happened and re experience the trauma. EFTor tapping intervention utilizes the same pathways/channels found in traditional Chinese energy medicine without the need for needles as well as energy psychology.You don't even need to know the cause of your blocks as these techniques will find and release them. Over the years Teresa tried many therapies and techniques before she recovered and none of them even came close to the healing and transformative power of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

Teresa works with most relationship issues, including sexual, physical and emotional abuse as well as sexual problems. Co- dependent relationships and other relationship challenges. She helps people to find self-worth and self-confidence;as well as working with stress, depression,health challenges and bereavement. As well as this,a number of people are so grateful to have found their soulmate as a result of her conscious relationship coaching.
Teresa is very passionate about her work and loves seeing the difference it makes to other people's lives.People often tell her that they are able to open up in a way they have never been able to with other therapists and coaches. Teresa practices under strict ethical principles and follows good practice guidelines as set down by the BACP and AAMET. For more information see her website at  releaseandbefree.com. She offers sessions on a one to one basis as well as on Skype.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Narcissistic abuse

Narcissistic relationships

Control and manipulation





Weekdays and some evenings and weekends.

Further information

Teresa works on one to one basis as well as on Skype.


I have known Teresa for two months, and have been quite consistent with my sessions. I have seen and felt a huge difference with my ability to speak up and establishing my self beliefs.

Teresa is a God send, she's been amazing for me, I have never felt better since I have started the eft and matrix reimprinting. I had never known about narcissism and the traits and thankfully more aware now of the controlling behaviour by others.

I love Teresa's kind and very compassionate nature, she's so lovely and I recommend her to anyone who wants to change their lives.

Big hugs and many thank Teresa for helping me !!

Mrs D

“I hadn’t realised how much one incident in my childhood has had such a profound influence on my life. This one incident has prevented me from freely expressing my emotions and letting people get close to my emotionally encase I lost them.

Your time and patients through the use of Matrix Reimprinting has opened my eyes and released this burden I‘ve been carrying with me for the past 40 years. You truly are a wonderful and special person”.   M.N

“Thank-you so much. That was an amazing session. You were very gentle and intuitive”.    A.H

“Teresa's kind and caring nature helps to create a safe space where I have been able to release painful emotions from my past linked to difficult relationship experiences. She is an intuitive and open hearted person who has gently helped me find those places I needed to go to free myself from the past. I have found powerful shifts can happen very quickly with Teresa. If you are feeling stuck and wanting to find a new way forward I highly recommend Teresa and Matrix Reimprinting”.    Amy Shoreham-by-sea

“Teresa is a great practitioner always professional and very intuitive. I believe that she has got great skills for the field she is working in”.    Helena

“My psychopathic ex, controlled and emotionally abused me for 15 years. I was so reliant on him as his words and actions made me doubt myself. He turned my friends and family against me so I had no one to turn to. I am now in a loving and happy relationship where I feel confident to be the real me and express myself.Thank-you for your great intuition and patience.”   A.J.

“It never felt safe to speak up for myself so I always went along with what my partner wanted. I felt depressed and in the end didn't even know what I wanted. Now I am in touch with my feelings and needs and feel confident asking for what I want. Your sessions have transformed my life, I'm so grateful to you”.    S.E

“I couldn’t understand why my partners kept leaving. I used to expect them to love me when I didn't love my self. I kept putting my self down and asking them for their approval. Now I love myself and never ask for approval although its always good when it's freely given. I'm also able to make time for myself and listen to my body’s needs. I now feel so alive and so different even my aches and pains have gone. I have so much more energy as well .Eternal thanks for your care,kindness and intuition”.    R.W

Vale Of Glamorgan

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In person

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Wheelchair user access

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