About me

What do you really want from life?

How many times have you sat down to think about something important and not finished the thought because work, life or your own brain gets in the way? Or maybe you tried to share you ideas with a friend, family member or colleague, only to find yourself self-censoring for fear of judgement or hurting someone's feelings.

As a transformational coach I offer space to think in a way that will help you:

  • Feel clear and confident about what you want from your life.
  • Make decisions that you have been agonising over.
  • Make changes and achieve goals that felt impossible. Work through blockers like imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs and overthinking.
  • Feel excited about what’s coming next.               

It is very important to me that you get a clear idea of what working with me will be like before you sign up for anything. For this reason, I offer all clients a free introductory call, with no expectation to commit on the call itself.

My story

As my 40th birthday approached on the surface all was well. Great friends and family, good job, nice home – lots to be grateful for. But under the surface I’d been paddling like crazy for years. I sat down at my desk to work one afternoon and found myself completely unable to complete a simple task. Faced with no option but to take action, I decided to work with a coach and started an exhilarating, scary and ultimately life changing journey from risk averse people pleaser to globe-trotting career changer. The power of having someone listen to me whilst I worked out what I wanted from life and hold me accountable for making changes, helped me find the creativity, courage and resilience to:

  • Leave a well-paid, secure job that was making me unhappy.
  • Rent my flat and travel solo around South America for a year learning Spanish as I went.
  • Relocate from London to the West of England.
  • Retrain as a transformational coach.

Change is possible - there’s no need to be like me and wait until you hit rock bottom, start your own journey today!

Training, qualifications & experience

  • ICF Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching (Animas)
  • Accredited Certificate in Youth and Educational coaching (Animas)
  • MA Education
  • PGCE Secondary History
  • BA Hons History

I have worked in education for 23 years, both in schools as an Advanced Skills Teacher and Head of Department and in universities as a lecturer on Teach First and PGCE teacher training programmes.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Coming soon! The Joy As An Act of Resistance Community.


Additional information

One to one: Four month package

For those with a goal or goals that they would like to explore.

Includes: 8 x one to one calls over 4 months. Where appropriate I may also suggest ‘homework’ tasks and reading/listening.

Cost: £560 (Payment package available)

One to one: Subscription

For those who have already tried coaching and would like the option to ‘top up’ across the year.

Includes: Monthly coaching calls.

Cost: 6 months £420 (Payment package available)

Cost: 12 months £800 (Payment package available)

One to one: Deep dive

For those who want to experience coaching before investing in a package or subscription or those who have a more immediate goal they would like to explore.

Includes: 90 minute coaching call

Cost: £100

Youth and education coaching

My 23 years working in education, primarily in secondary schools, have left me in no doubt that this generation of young people face many challenges from academic performance to personal relationships and the pressures of social media. Coaching provides a solution focused way in which to help young people work through stress and anxiety, building self-esteem, focus and confidence. I work with secondary schools, colleges and universities and also with private customers, offering personal coaching for young people aged 11-21


Please contact me for further details and to discuss your students’ specific needs.

Private clients (18-21 and mature students)

Includes: 6 x weekly sessions over two months, with the first session offered free of charge.

Cost: £250


Monday to Friday 10 am to 6.30 pm

39 Clouds Hill Rd

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Siobhan Goffee

Siobhan Goffee