Andy Lee: Certified Coach, B.A. M.Ed. NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer

Andy Lee:  Certified Coach, B.A. M.Ed. NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer

Number 7 Martin Street
West Yorks

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About me

Getting you the life that you want is my priority. Developing clarity, clear goals, and overcoming any barriers facing you: you will quickly begin to get the clarity and changes you are looking for. You'll get certainty, focus, improved self understanding, and make changes to your thinking, performance, relationships, work or business faster than you expect.

My job is to understand you and support you in this process confidently and professionally and to get you started you can have a no-obligations complimentary consultation!

You'll find tons more information about what I offer together with free downloadable resources at my website !

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When you are going through change – looking to make the right decision in life or working to get better outcomes wherever you are it can be a confusing and stressful time. It’s really important that you feel understood and listened to. My clients are always amazed at what they discover about themselves, even in our introductory conversations. From understanding you, listening to you, comes a lot of clarity and then much greater choice – clients say that they can’t get the old thoughts and feelings back anymore no matter how hard they try.

Your journey begins by giving you a safe space to explore where you are right now. Understanding you, your current context, the thoughts, feelings and behaviours and the issues you face and more significantly why they are issues for you.

My job is to listen to you, and with you, to deepen your self understanding. You’ll quickly notice things you hadn’t connected before as you learn more about yourself and how deeply your previous life experiences, thoughts, feelings and behaviour are connected.

I work hard to create the conditions for you to understand the changes you want to make and then carefully lead you through the right processes for you. My specialist knowledge of the way our minds work, and how to use that to enable you to change, comes from both my experience helping people change for over 30 years and my highly specialised training and certification. My work with you is based in developing a strong sympathetic relationship, building trust and confidence with you. This enables you to make changes at a fundamental level. Changes which come quickly and are yours forever.

I work hard to create the conditions for you to understand the changes you want to make and then carefully lead you through the right processes for you.

Every concern is rooted in your lifelong beliefs and experiences and they are yours to change. All I do is show you the way and help you through the steps you want to make.

Here’s some brief client stories

Terry overcame debt, compulsive gambling, drinking, poor relationships, occasional drug use, no confidence in himself, and no secure job, to double his salary, give up gambling, paid off all the debts improved his relationships got a fantastic job with  dream salary and pension.

Susan was faced with grave uncertainty about her  future career and was in the process of repeating previous destructive patterns of behaviour. She identified her previous behaviour and decision making was unhelpful for her approached opportunities with massive confidence and created her own next career steps on her own terms.

Will was stuck in a well paid job with fantastic prospects which just were not him - he’d been pleasing his family and it needed to change. He got his family on board as his support team packed in the stockbroker career and moved to London to follow his passion in the music industry.

Sarah, overstressed, in a high power high paid job with few alternatives faced with a diminishing range of options found a whole range of choices she didn’t know existed and empowered herself and took the parts of her role she wanted to keep and dropped the rest!

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What will your story be?

I believe that you are able to work perfectly given the context you find yourself in.  Sometimes, though, we end up with thoughts, feelings and behaviours that no longer help us and they begin to get in the way. This is what I help you to do. I’ll work with you to find the root cause of difficulties, help you think of your life differently and teach you how you can think, act and life the way thats best for you!

  • You might have found yourself at a point in your life where you want to progress, or make change or get control back.
  • You might be faced with a big decision or unexpected change.
  • You might want to get control of stress or anxiety in your life.
  • Many people work with me to overcome fears, phobias or other troubling memories.
  • I help people make changes in their eating and drinking habits.
  • Business owners work with me to be able to move their business on to the next level.
  • I help people find the confidence and self esteem they need.
  • If you need to make important decisions and changes in you life than I can take you through a structured process so that its best for you.
  • I help people with anxieties about specific things such as presenting, public speaking, exams and interviews, and I teach them skills techniques and approaches so that they are successful.
  • People work with me to improve their relationships and communication with others.

Lacking Motivation and focus?

Those who have emotional responses which are not helping them, for whatever reason have become demotivated work with me to understand what motivates them and how they can move to being fully in control of their lives. They get a huge sense of direction, a clear idea of want they want in life and they make big strides towards achieving their goals quickly.??

Low Self confidence or self-belief?

Many of my clients present with issues which are to do with low self confidence and issues with self belief. Self-Confidence is a set of beliefs about oneself which are difficult to change without help from a coach. My clients are shown how they control their self confidence and self belief and given the tolls to have choice over what they think and believe about themselves and what they can achieve in their lives. Hypnotherapy is particularly effective in helping clients make huge shifts in their mindsets which promote permanent change.

Fears and Phobias

NLP was developed by looking at how exceptional therapists were getting results and learning how to transfer those skills to others. The co-creators then went on to work with people experiencing extreme Phobias and fears including post traumatic stress disorder. I trained with one of the co-creators (John Grinder) specifically on this area. Phobias are one off powerful learning experiences and can be usually dealt with in a very sort time.

Overcoming traumatic events

Hypnotherapy and NLP are particularly effective in enabling people to overcome the effects of previous traumatic events in their lives which continue to limit their performance. Many clients experience rapid and lasting change. If you are limited by previous traumatic events than it is possible to change the way these effect you reasonably quickly.

Need to make a big decision concerning your career or relationships?

Clients faced with big decisions - jobs, careers, relationships work with me to understand what is really important to them. They are then able to make decisions in-line with their underlying values, they then work with Andy as they make changes gathering support and making personal change as they go.

Business Owners  who are wanting to develop their businesses but lack the confidence or skills to make changes become clients. Working with me enables them to understand what they need to do to achieve their dreams and then I work with them to implement changes and transform their businesses and their lives. New skills, mindsets and different approaches lead to clients creating new sustainable income streams.

Work Life Balance: Stress - Health - Relationships
Achieving work life balance is an area where clients have come, unable to balance the stresses and demands of work, the impact this has on health and relationships. Andy ensures immediate steps to safety, providing techniques to manage stress immediately, then promotes a more refined view of self and the uncovering of real priorities. I works with clients to identify their real priorities and step by step measures towards achieving a new sustainable balance in their lives.

Training, qualifications & experience

For the past 30 years, I have been helping people to change their lives for the better. I'm a fully certified full time Coach helping people get more out of life. I also work as a freelance trainer and deliver management, personal development and communication training to companies such as Siemens.

I'm an author and blogger on personal development and have extensive experience as a business coach too.

As a life coach, career coach and business coach, I can help you determine your goals, instigate positive change and fulfill your potential. I studied with the top trainers in NLP and have established an international reputation for training and personal development.

With a unique skill set, including outstanding presentation skills and a strong ability to form a rapport with others, I provide help, training and support to the highest level for every one of my clients.

“Andy is an amazingly knowledgeable and personable NLP practitioner who has taken me through a series of training sessions that were tailored to my specific needs. I am now practicing these techniques and have integrated them into every aspect of my life to great effect. I would highly recommend Andy. These are skills that everybody needs in their life.” Client in West Yorkshire

Aim and approach

My aim is to:

  • Facilitate change and development in your life
  • Instill confidence in your abilities and help you develop new skills
  • Inspire you to remove barriers and achieve your goals
  • Enhance your relationships and communications skills and help you to understand others better
  • Improve your work-life balance
  • Help you to take control of your life

To do this I will:

  • Work closely with you as an individual on your specific needs
  • Focus on developing positive learning and resources
  • Provide a trained, professional perspective
  • Offer the benefits of my NLP and coaching expertise

My background

I am a Personal Change and Development Specialist, an accredited NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, a Certified NLP Trainer and an accredited Hypnotherapist.

For many years I followed a successful career in education, focusing on the Special Needs sector. As Headteacher of a Special School for pupils with Severe Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, I was responsible for working closely with and motivating staff and pupils, dealing with challenging situations and devising innovative ways of learning.

NLP and coaching

I first encountered NLP as a teacher working with young people and their families, coaching both those experiencing difficulties and high-performing students.

After progressing from a career in education, I took NLP Diploma and Practitioner training and followed this up with Hypnotherapy training. I completed my Master Practitioner with Michael Carroll at the NLP Academy in Croydon. Keen to have the best Trainers Training available, I also studied with Carmen Bostic St Clair and John Grinder, one of the original co-creators of NLP.

Working as a trainer, coach and therapist, I have become known for my depth of knowledge and understanding in the application of NLP patterns to coaching. Over time I have built an international reputation for excellence in NLP training.

Why choose me?

When choosing someone to work with on your personal development, your priority is to feel you have found the right person and are in good hands.

What I can offer you:

  • A free consultation – your chance to be heard and discover what I can do for you. No obligation or fee.
  • High-quality sessions. The best in coaching to give you the best results.
  • An environment that is safe and caring. I believe it’s important for you to be treated with warmth and confidentiality and without judgement, in relaxed surroundings that offer comfort and privacy.

Where to find me

I have my own practice in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, and also see clients in practice rooms in Central Leeds. Because Brighouse is so accessible but my client base extends throughout whole of West and South Yorkshire derive clients from Harrogate, York, Sheffield as well as all towns and cities of West Yorkshire.

Accreditations include:

  • M.Ed (Leadership & Management in Education)
  • Advanced Diploma in Special Education
  • Diploma in Reading & Language development
  • Diploma in Education Coaching
  • National Professional Qualification for Headship
  • Qualified Hypnotherapist
  • Dip Perfomance Coaching
  • Dip Life Coaching
  • NLP Diploma
  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Accredited ITA NLP Trainer Certified by John Grinder

“During his time as headteacher Andy developed and nurtured a group of hard-working staff to support the complex needs of an extremely difficult pupil base. Andrew brilliantly matched the skills of his staff to the different job roles and successfully launched a nurture group and nurture classrooms. This movement was instrumental in effectively meeting the needs of many of the pupils, all of whom were experiencing severe social emotional and behavioural difficulties. Andrew's coaching skills are excellent and he always draws out the best from his colleagues and pupils. He maintains an aura of calm and has a great sense of humour.” Colleague, Nortonthorpe Hall School


  • I charge £80 per session. Sessions are two hours and you will never be rushed out!
  • I have my own office available to work with you in Brighouse easily accessible from the M62 and by public transport.
  • As each programme is bespoke and ranges from single sessions up to the Intensive Breakthrough Session which is a longer programme and may include half or whole day of intensive breakthrough work. (Price on application)
  • To enable you to understand more about how working with me will help you and the extent of work which you want to undertake I offer a FREE full Length consultation where you can be listened to gain an understanding of where and how you can make the changes you need to get the life you deserve.
  • My service is professional, confidential and dedicated wholly to your success.

Further information

I believe I can offer you a service second to none.
Learn Much More at my Website! You will also find details of all my related personal development services available to you now.

Remember I offer free no obligation full length consultation to make sure that I am the right the person for you to work with to get you the life you want. This is totally free and without obligation and will demonstrate to you where and how you can make changes.

What is left stopping you?

Simply get in touch now to change your life for the GOOD!

Huddersfield, HD6 1DA

Type of session

Online life coaching: No
Telephone life coaching: No
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


9:00 am to 9:00pm weekdays only