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About me

Hello, I am Shirley, The Change Agent.  My coaching focuses on helping you address all the stuff that gets in the way of enjoying your work. 

My philosophy

We invest a lot of our time, energy and emotion working to provide for ourselves and those we care about.  The return on that investment comes from:

  • knowing what our work is for and that it fits to our values and aspirations, it's taking us towards our goals,
  • we are valued for our skills and talents
  • we have fun doing it and have great, energising working relationships.
  • we feel confident in our decision making and resilient in the face of challenges

If any of these elements are missing, we can find ourselves in roles we are not suited for but beating ourselves up about it, doing things for which we haven’t developed the skills – and doesn’t necessarily want to, chasing other people’s motivators because we are not sure of our own or spending too little time with those we care about.  Work is then stressful and unfulfilling.

“Without work, all life goes rotten. But when work is soulless, life stifles and dies”. -- Albert Camus

When our working lives are expressions of our best selves then everything else in life just falls into place.  There is more of us to go round and we are calm and alert.  We have more resilience and presence, creativity and flexibility.  We are more effective leaders of ourselves and others.  Unfortunately, most of us are just ploughing on; over thinking, overwhelming, over reacting and overworking ourselves and all the while ignoring those nagging doubts.  Our best self is buried under exhaustion and doubt.  When are you going to do things differently?

Check out this quote by Johnny Carson;

“Never continue in a job you don't enjoy. If you're happy in what you're doing, you'll like yourself, you'll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health, you will have had more success than you could possibly have imagined”.

My approach

I have powerful combination of work experience, NLP and mBIT training which enables me to deliver effective coaching with humour and humanity.

I can challenge effectively and help people to see themselves from a fresh and empowering perspectives which give them choices and opportunities.  i have helped people shift mindsets from corporate to business owner, become more confident as leaders, find career direction and work that they love.

I am fair, committed and honest.  I value the connections I have with my clients and see them as something which goes beyond the formal coaching relationship.

I work with honesty and humour.  I can be direct, provoking and cheeky but it's for good reasons and always appropriate. I have my methods but I am flexible; sometimes deep, sometimes directive.  Whatever it takes to help you reach your goals.  You have to do your part but I will be there to support you through your challenges and celebrate your successes.

If that's how you would like to feel about your work then book a free chemistry call to find out more. 

Training, qualifications & experience

I am a qualified Business and Life coach, NLP practitioner, mBIT Practitioner and Everything DiSC practitioner.

I’ve had a variety of corporate work roles – good, bad and (sometimes) ugly - and my career has been peppered with some great decisions, some poor decisions and plenty of drift. I’ve worked in teams, run teams and built teams; I worked in full-time employment and freelanced. I am now in my third phase; running my own business.  I have learned so much along the way and I draw on this in my coaching.  I help you take control of your career, your performance and direction, so you make the most of opportunities that come your way and develop your skills and confidence.

Together, we will find effective and fulfilling ways of working which fit with your aspirations and lifestyle. You will get from where you are, to where you want to be, faster and more effectively than I did.  Whether that’s becoming more effective in your current role, seeking new opportunities or a change in direction or running your own business.

I am someone who has lived through challenging, fulfilling careers in a variety of organisational cultures and am wiser, more fulfilled with a keen sense of purpose. The chances are, that whatever challenges you bring to the conversation;  loss of direction, stress and overwhelm, skills gaps, job hunting and interview prep, lack of confidence, managing difficult people, the mindset shift in running your own business etc., I have gone through them myself…and probably more than once!

Member organisations


The Association for NLP

The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP) is a UK Association for NLP Professionals.

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Additional information

After a free 30 minute chemistry call you can work with me in the following ways:

Power Hour: £120

An uninterrupted and supportive coaching conversation. In our free chemistry session we will have identified the Power Hour as right for you and your needs and also what you are going to work on.  Power Hours can help you:

  • Resolve a difficult working relationship.
  • Create a clear vision for your future.
  • Work out what you really want to do.
  • Make a decision on your business direction.
  • Prepare for an interview or presentation.
  • Find out if a longer term coaching relationship is right for you.
  • Identify your sales technique or work behaviours using Everything DiSC

A great way to experience coaching for the first time and get results without a long term commitment.

“I had an insightful session with Shirley following my DISC profile. Shirley has provided me with the knowledge and information to discover who are my ideal clients for both my businesses so that I can focus specifically on those individuals that I enjoy working with and who would benefit the most from my own expertise.” – RF

Further power hours or coaching packages are available.

Flexible Package: £495 

Five 60 minute sessions to use as you see fit and which fit around your schedule.  The hours can be used to workshop and plan business ideas or to work through issues and challenges as they arise. Whether you are in business or employment, there is always something to work through where a coach and sounding board can really help.

Job seekers who need practical help with the job hunting process from scoping a future role, creating a powerful CV to job interview practice can use this package to kick start the job hunting process.

In the flexible package I have helped clients:

  • Regain motivation for their business and build an action plan
  • Identify strategies to make their business idea a success
  • Improve their focus and time management
  • Identify opportunities to scale their business
  • Create and implement marketing strategies to get their start-up up and running

The flexible package works for you if:

  • you value having an independent sounding board to deal with issues as they arise
  • you want flexibility in how and when we work together
  • you want a longer term relationship and we have agreed in the chemistry call that the entrepreneur or executive programme isn’t right for you
  • you are a job seeker or career transitioner who is clear on the sort of role they are looking for but needs practical support with the job hunting process and would value having someone who can help them build contacts and will support and encourage them along the way.

“Now I have a job I actually want, better interviewing skills and a much better grasp of how to present my online self as well as feeling like a more valuable person. Warm, charming and honest, Shirley is a truly lovely person to work with. And if my experience is anything to go by, the help she offers is worth every penny.” – AH

If you have benefited from any of my packages, 60 minute accountability sessions are available on a monthly or fortnightly basis.

Executive Package: £995

A minimum of 6 60 minute sessions over 3-6 months plus “concierge” between sessions.  A highly collaborative process where we work together to help you get the most out of your career and current role. For that reason, I provide “concierge” so we will stay in touch between formal sessions so you can share insights, successes and challenges as they arise.

This programme is designed to help you deal with the challenges of the workplace:

  • Developing your confidence and motivation.
  • Creating an authentic leadership style.
  • Managing difficult people
  • Identifying a career direction and ideal role and how to get there.
  • Overcoming unhelpful behaviours and beliefs
  • Job hunting and CV writing.

I can provide practical help and advice in addition to using a range of coaching techniques which are designed to reconnect you with your values and strengths and aspirations so you set career goals that a meaningful to you and shape a way of working that enables you to bring your best self to your work.

“Shirley has a substantial corporate experience and is versed in that world’s inherent politics, which provides her with the informed platform to engage constructively and develop a deep relationship with her clients. I recommend her!” – P.R

This package is deal for you if you are looking for:

  • a change in role but need help finding that new direction
  • you are committed to your current role but are frustrated by your results
  • you are new to a role and are struggling to make it your own

If you have benefited from any of my packages, accountability sessions are available on a monthly or fortnightly basis.

Entrepreneur Package: £995

A minimum of 6 60 minute sessions over 3-6 months plus “concierge” in between sessions.  A highly collaborative coaching relationship in which I am available between sessions to share insights, challenges and successes (subject to fair use policy).

What we work on exactly depends on you but I have covered a range of business-related challenges from:

  • Making the transition from employee to entrepreneur
  • Identifying opportunities for scale-up
  • Dealing with the personal and practical challenges of starting a business
  • Confidence and motivation
  • Delegation and leadership
  • Fear failure and fear of success

I will draw on a range of coaching techniques which are designed to reconnect you with your values and strengths and aspirations so you set goals that a meaningful to you and shape a business and way of working that enables you to bring your best self to your work.

Running a business can be lonely and asks a lot more of you than you can ever imagine. This package is for you if:

  • you have set up on your own and are finding the range of demands on you overwhelming.
  • there is so much information out there on how to run a business and it is all getting confusing. You want to trust your instincts again.
  • you have got your business up to a size where you recognise that it can’t grow any more without you doing things differently…. but what should you do differently? How can you deal with getting outside your comfort zone?

Further packages are available or you can move to monthly accountability calls to help keep you on track.


All potential clients get a free half hour chemistry call which you can book using the link below.


54 West Cliff Road

Type of session

In person

Key details

Coaching is available via phone, Facetime and video conference (Zoom).


Shirley Hensher

Shirley Hensher