About me

Have you ever noticed when opportunities come along,  like going for that new job you always wanted  or if you're already in a job a new job role, with increased salary!

learning something new a new language  or driving a car or something else that really interests you! Then you heard a thought  that comes up and saying  You can't  do that your far too old or too young- you don't know enough or I'm just too scare!

However these are all assumptions  base on unlimited beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves!

What if you were good enough and strong enough to do what ever you desire!

Knowledge is power and base on current research on neuroscience your brain is not fixed! Its adaptable and subject to change!

. Learn to work with your brain instead of against it.

. Build self confidence and self esteem  with the understanding of how to optimise and maximize your full potential.

. Break through barriers that have held you back.

. Learn how to apply techniques  and tools to further your understanding of how to manage your emotions.


Training, qualifications & experience

I have trained with the International Teaching Seminars.
Certified Practitioner in the Art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

I'm currently in the process of qualifying for certification in understanding mental health illness in children  and young people.


Additional information

I offer a free 30 minute consultation before booking to assess your current position.  Thereafter, my fees are £80.00 per hour.

Further information


Shirley  has helped me immensely with how I'm feeling  and thinking.  She has opened my mind to how I can help myself,  physically, mentally, spiritually.  Her enthusiasm and knowledge generate into me mentally, physically and spiritually.

She listens with great patience and she is very calm and you can feel the positive  energy she resonates when I speak  to her. She makes me feel that I've got a better  outlook on life. Thank you Shirley.

Marie  K.

Swan Lane

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Shirley Gayle

Shirley Gayle