About me

Hi, I'm Sarah, an Intuitive Coach and founder of Joyful Minds.  I firmly believe that we can create a joyful life that we would choose and I've been helping clients do just that.

I've learned a number of powerful techniques through ancient philosophies of alchemy and intuition, that will help you get clear on your true nature and purpose and what your joyful life would look like.  Then we need to get to know and neutralise your shadow self, the resistance that comes up that stops us from really going for what we want in life.  Finally its about taking action and following through, because its your actions in life that create your outcomes.

As your coach its my role to walk beside you on this journey, supporting, encouraging and at times holding you accountable.  While working with me we will strengthen your own internal guidance, your intuition, and I'll teach you the tools so that you can continue to be the powerful creative force in your own life.

Check out my website for more information and book an intro call with me to start your journey!

Training, qualifications & experience

I have over 20 years experience working in Human Resources and obtained a Masters Degree in HR Management. During that time I’ve worked with and coached many leaders and gained valuable insights into how people function.  I’m a qualified NLP Practitioner and I am an ICF accredited Transformational Life Coach.  I also have been trained in ancient alchemical and intuitive practices that are powerful techniques in creating a life that you would choose.


Additional information

3-month package of 6 sessions is £450


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