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About me

About my coaching offer:

Do you feel that want to make an important personal change in your career or life and feel unable to take the first step? Have you tried different strategies to achieve the change and feel that no matter what you do you just can't seem to make any progress or sustain the change? Feeling stuck is frustrating, feeling you are holding part or all of your self back is also frustrating and can make us feel dissatisfied with our careers and broader life. Entering into coaching at this time is a positive next step to take. Rarely can we solve these things alone. I would love the opportunity to work with you

Feel free to contact me to set up a 30 minute telephone call (free of charge) to explore your needs further, determine whether I am the right coach for you and, if I am, to decide which coaching package will be the right one for you based on your needs and budget. I call this our chemistry and contracting session.

My coaching packages:

Immunity to Change Mapping (plus 1:1 Coaching support) package

If you have a specific change you want to make and are stuck, Immunity to Change Mapping is a powerful and transformative process that will enable you to get unstuck. This change process has been developed over the last 20 years by two Harvard Business School professors at Minds At Work© and has a proven track record of success in bringing about personal change.

The package includes a 2.5 hour session that will help you build your own Immunity Map. As we work through the 4 columns of your map you will discover all the things you are doing and not doing that are preventing you from achieving the change you wish to make. Unlike regular approaches to change where we would then make a plan to stop doing certain things and start doing others, we instead focus on discovering the real reasons why you are unable to achieve the change you want to make. The process will reveal the beliefs, fears and assumptions that you hold about yourself and your life that are holding you back. Once your 'immunity' to the change you want to make is revealed you will start to become unstuck. My follow up 1:1 coaching sessions will then support you as you break free and take yourself on your change journey.

Chemistry and contracting session (30 minutes)

Immunity Mapping session (2.5 hours)

Follow up 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions (number to be agreed and contracted for post our immunity mapping session.

1:1 Coaching package

If you feel you don't have a specific personal change in mind but have a general feeling that you are holding back or things aren't as they could be in your work or broader life, then my 1:1 coaching package will be more suitable. It will give you the space and time to fully explore what is going on your life and to discover new insights that can help you regain positive momentum.

I specialise in helping clients to increase their self-awareness and personal confidence in order to live a life that is more true to who they really are. Specifically I help clients to:

  • discover what matters most to them and start to identify and remove the barriers that get in the way to leading a life more true to these areas
  • explore any feelings of stuckness in their career and wider life and discover ways of finding positive momentum again
  • explore what living life authentically is for them and how they can allow more of their authenticity to flourish within their work and wider life.

Chemistry and Contracting session (30 minutes)

Initial contract for 6 x 1:1 coaching sessions (90 minutes each).

In session 6 we will review progress on our contract and discuss whether further sessions are are to be contracted for.

Closure session (60 minutes) at the end of our Coaching contract to review fully the learning and changes you feel have been brought about and to create a personal development plan to continue on with your new learning.

My coaching practice is based on the following core beliefs:

  • When someone has a safe, confidential, non-judgemental and supportive relationship made available to them I believe they are able to truly think, feel and be heard.
  • Most of us hold a solution to our problems deep within us but we simply can’t access it and action it alone. Being truly heard, seen and recognised by another (in this case by a trained coach) provides you with the ability to see it and unlock it.
  • When a person finds a solution for themselves they will feel greater ownership of it, believe in it more and are more likely to action it than if they were told what to do.
  • My role as coach is, therefore, to actively listen, reflect and use skilful questioning to help facilitate the exploration of a person's thinking rather than dictate or tell them what I feel they should do.
  • It a for this reason I do not uphold an fixed model for Coaching. To truly meet a client where they are at, moment by moment, I believe requires an integrated and relational approach. We are all unique and so my Coaching offer will reflect the uniqueness you bring.

Key outcomes of a coaching session could be:

  • Practical steps to move forward productively and effectively.
  • Complete or partial resolution or, at a minimum, greater insights into the issue you have presented.
  • Greater awareness and insights on personal effectiveness and new ways of approaching a particular situation.
  • A shift in perspective resulting in clarity, courage and confidence to move forward in a new direction.
  • Specific follow-up action steps to keep the learning progressing between sessions.

About me:

I entered into coaching after 15 years of working in business as a senior executive in London and the US. My career was always focussed on wanting to understand and help people - from working in market research to understand what people say they want and need - to working in a large data science company (dunnhumby) where I helped large corporations be more customer first through better understanding their customers' needs, motivations and behaviour.

In 2013 I gave up the corporate world to bring about more balance in my life. With two young boys, the pressures of global travel and a full time job became too hard to manage and I was feeling unhappy and stressed. I decided to leave my job, stay at home with my boys and find a way to continue to pursue my passion for helping others.

My husband, who had a coach at the time, recommended coaching and I immediately knew I had found my calling and purpose in life. I began my Masters in Executive coaching at Ashridge Business School to build my specialist skill set, entered into my own personal therapy and started my own coaching practice based in Dorset, Hampshire and in London.

I have been on a personal journey of discovery into why I was holding myself back with others, of what my authentic self actually is and how I could feel ok to allow authenticity to flourish. As a result I now understand how hard the journey to discover and allow our authenticity to show with others is and how important having someone to work with, who is trained and separate in your life, is to do this important work. I know the power that working with someone who really listens and accepts you, just as you are now, is. And how important it is to have someone who is able and willing to challenge, question and give feedback, non-judgementally is too.


"Sarah is a very talented coach. I have found her honesty, empathy, and integrity to be invaluable. Her warm and engaging style means she is adept at bringing even the most uncomfortable truth to light in a supportive and non-confrontational way. Sarah is also very commercial and understands what drives businesses - invaluable as a coach. She helped transform lives and working relationships at dunnhumby. I am a big fan!"
Terri, Chief People Officer, London

Training, qualifications & experience

Masters in Executive Coaching - Ashirdge Business School (2014-2019)

Minds at Work© Immunity to Change Coach and Facilitator training (2018)

Certificate in Coaching for Organisational Consultants - Ashridge Business School (2014)

2:1 Geography (BA Hons) Oxford University

In addition to the above qualifications, I worked for fifteen years as a senior executive in an international big data consultancy (dunnhumby), successfully leading large strategic and operational change projects within a complex matrix organisation in both central and market-based roles. I built and managed Global, UK and US based commercial, data, analysis and media teams during this time. My business experience helps me relate to and empathise with my clients when they are facing business and career challenges.

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Other areas of coaching I deal with

Life Coaching

Self awareness

Career transitions

Personal change


For information on fees please contact me and based on your needs I will make a recommendation on which of my packages will work best for you.

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Christchurch, BH23

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Online life coaching: No
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

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