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My name is Sam Holman, and I am a qualified and experienced careers adviser, Master NLP coach and published author. I offer a free Skype or telephone consultation to find out how we can work together to unlearn old beliefs or negative emotions that keep getting in your way so that you can have clarity and confidence to progress in your career and achieve life goals.

Wayne Dyer said that "the only limits you have are the ones you believe"

If you think that you are ready for positive change in your career, and in your life, let me support you and we can work together to remove any barriers and achieve your goal. Clients have described complete life changes after working with me using this unique style of solution-focused coaching therapy which incorporates powerful, award-winning tools that you will learn for yourself.

I have worked with many clients nationally and internationally, and these sessions are equally as effective through Skype or face-to-face.

"I contacted Sam and she started me on her breakthrough programme. Today I can positively say a breakthrough is exactly the right word. A lot of the opening of eyes and dawning of positivity. gradually lifting of barriers. There was definitely a ‘click’ moment where the path of progress, change and positivity started feeling like the obvious choice every day."

Training, qualifications & experience

In 2003 I studied for the Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Services incorporating the Qualifications in Careers Guidance which enabled me to be a careers adviser. I worked with anyone from thirteen to sixty. in a variety of settings and as a result I am highly experienced in:

  • psychometric testing
  • careers matching
  • confidence building
  • advice and guidance
  • CVs and interview skills

I then went on to teach and run workshops for adults in New Zealand, starting new lives abroad, and trained as a:

  • Master NLP Coach
  • Time Line Therapist

I brought together all skills and qualifications to set up and run Holsam Life Coaching in 2010, with a focus on career and life coaching and supporting clients to progress and remove any old beliefs and behaviours that have them feeling stuck. You get to keep these powerful tools that you can apply to any area of life for your future successes.

I also now mentor other coaches setting up their business and support with early stages of coaching 'real' clients.

Based in Bristol but coaching world-wide via Skype.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

If you would like to inspire and motivate your team or staff, talks and workshops within businesses and educational establishments are also available - please ask.

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From £75.00 to £997.00
Free initial online session

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Additional information

Options to suit all budgets - please ask.

Full personal breakthrough* session - For those serious about change, this is tailored specifically to you and your needs and comes with a guarantee, to continue working together until the presenting problem, the one that has held you back in the past, has gone and you feel completely confident in moving forward and achieving your goal. Please contact me to discuss to see if I am the right coach for you and this is the best style of coaching to meet your needs.

Includes approx. 7- 15 hours of one to one time plus tasks and email contact. *Guaranteed results.

Kick-Aspirational Career Coaching - 90min solution focused coaching and advice with tasking and homework to get your focus where it needs to be £95, simply book online. (Current offer on £75)

Free e-book and audios to help you get from stuck to successful. See website for details.

Alternatively buy the book 'When I Grow Up I want to be a Giraffe' order from all good bookshops, find in independent shops or gift shops or purchase on Amazon for £12


Flexible (includes some evenings and weekends)

Further information

In 2020 Sam published her hugely successful self coaching career guide 'When I Grow Up I Want to be a Giraffe - the career guide for (not so) grown ups'. In 2018 she was shortlisted for individual best practice Career Development Institute award - Career Adviser/Coach of the Year.

Lovely things clients have said about working together:

"A friend recommended Sam to me when I was deep in a rut. It took me months to pick up the courage to embark on what turned out to be a completely life changing experience with Sam.  However, the timing actually could not have been better as I was made redundant a week or so after I had booked in my first coaching session with Sam.  I truly believe things do happen for a reason and everything was telling me to change direction in my life.  Sam was the engine that helped me do this.

Always positive, encouraging yet totally honest and not taking any prisoners, she was the rock that made me understand why I was in the place I was but also how with my own strength, thoughts, beliefs and determination I could get myself out of there and to a place where I actually wanted to be!  I have finally started my own company and I could not be happier nor more proud of myself. I now know that I can trust myself to get me to where I want in life, I am strong, free and fully capable of making my own dreams come true. I feel like I am finally turning into the woman I have always wanted to be but always only dreamed of and it’s exciting.  I cannot recommend Sam enough, she will rock you, your beliefs and your thoughts to the ground but trust me its so worth it.  Thank you Sam!" Tess, London. Unfulfilled in her job now working from a Harley Street clinic in her new company - from stuck to successful in a matter of months!

"It took me over a year to finally take the plunge in deciding that I needed to see Sam for life coaching. I had met Sam back in September 2013 at an event that I attended where Sam was booked in to do a motivational talk; I listened with great interest and found myself nodding to everything she was saying. I contacted Sam a few months later to ask for more information, however I decided not to go ahead with the coaching until a year later when I found myself still stuck in the same confused state that I was in the previous year and had made no real progress in my career or personal life.

I am so glad I plucked up the courage to contact Sam again just a few months ago, and went ahead with the coaching with no hesitation. I was now 100% ready to let go of my old damaging beliefs and put 110% into making this work for me and perhaps that’s one of the reasons it worked so well for me.

There were quite a few tasks and at times it felt like hard work but it was so worth it and I wish I had started the programme the year before! But if there is one thing I’ve learnt it’s that things happen at the right time for you when you trust the process.

Every day I’m grateful for Sam’s guidance and commitment to me, her coaching and timeline therapy has been amazing and led me to become a more content, happy and fulfilled being.

I have since started my own business in a career I’m truly passionate about and have already had opportunities come my way! I have made big changes in my personal life where I was holding back for 10 years of becoming brave and letting go of people and feelings that no longer serve me.

I cannot recommend Sam enough to my friends and family because I know she can help to produce real results in areas where you may be holding yourself back from becoming the real, brave and happy person you are. Thank you Sam".      

2 months later...

"I cannot believe it's been 2 months already!! I feel like I've achieved so much since my first meeting with you and can honestly say that taking up coaching with you was the best decision I ever made in my life! I feel like a different person or maybe I just feel like the real person I am with nothing stopping me. Even with my health difficulties I have still come so far and believe there is still so much out there for me, and that feeling is what keeps me going.                                                                                                                          
I am still amazed by the change in myself and I still thank the moon and stars every night, and you of course."   - Hali, Bristol

"I did a McQuaig psychometric test (at work) on 9th August and a further one on 6th Sept. There has been a huge change in the responses to my dominance and ability to lead sections. The head of HR said she had never seen such as significant shift on that spectrum from a ‘follower and gentle people person’ to someone driving for success and wanting more responsibility and with the potential to be a good leader but still being a good people person."   - Bex, London. She has since been head-hunted and promoted to Marketing and Sales Manager.  

"I am brill!  I am enjoying life again, the only thing to get in the way was a rotten cold but instead of dragging myself around I took two days sick and stayed in bed with lots of hot drinks and now feel loads better.  The old Rose would not have done that! Whatever you did has worked – everyone around me has noticed the change and some have even commented – “why are you so happy”!
One of the reasons for seeing Sam was because I hated my job - how strange that only a few months later I am loving my job and my sales are increasing as all my previous efforts are all starting to come together! Whatever IT is she does it works; I had a review appointment with my GP who could not believe the difference in me and I will definitely be keeping in touch with Sam; I only wish I had met her years ago." - Rose, Wales. She used to have ‘anxiety depression’ which created overwhelm at work. She is no longer on medication and, as you can see, is embracing her position as a Sales Director.

"In Summary: This lady works magic, I'm sure! I didn't think in a million years that I would ever feel this positive and confident in my abilities. Life coaching was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

When I got in contact with Sam I was at a real loss as to what to do. I was feeling apathetic and frustrated with my job, generally miserable and confused. I didn't know where I was going with my career, felt that my peers were all so much more successful than I was and that I hadn't really achieved anything. On top of that, I am a writer who had gradually lost all confidence and desire to write - the idea of writing again petrified me!
A friend recommended Sam and although I was skeptical it sounded exactly the sort of thing that would help.
Sam put me at ease from the start, we had a free consultation (via video call on Skype) and based on that she put together a suggested plan. We started immediately - just talking to Sam about everything was enormously helpful and I felt very positive after our first session. We met via Skype regularly, and I began to feel better straight away. When I felt confused or felt that I hadn't got what I expected from the timeline therapy I explained this to Sam and following that we did it again and I saw IMMEDIATE results, it was quite astonishing, it really blew me away. I looked back over the past few weeks and couldn't believe I had achieved so much in such a short space of time.

Now, I am much happier at work, nothing phases me - I am really happy with my achievements to date and best of all I'm writing again.

I have never been very successful with alternative therapies - hypnosis for quitting smoking for example - I'm a skeptic and a logical person who tends to over-think things. But Sam recognised this in me almost immediately and was able to work through this as part of the therapy.

Magic or no magic, I couldn't recommend Sam highly enough, she's really helped me turn my life around."    - Laura, Plymouth. Shortly after our work together Laura was promoted to a position especially created for her, as a Marketing Manager.

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Sam Holman QCG, MNLP

Sam Holman QCG, MNLP