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Rowena Wood ~ Wellbeing Coach | Burnout and Career Change Coach

Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27
07530 244521 07530 244521
Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27

About me

Hi, I'm Rowena,

I help women who feel like they don’t have enough hours in each day, are tired of being tired, finding it hard to relax and recharge, and just don’t feel like themselves anymore.

Can you relate? If so, I’ll help you to recognise why you're feeling so tired and what to do about it, so that you can regain your calm, your energy and your focus.

Coaching with me focuses on self-kindness and learning to love you, creating easily adapted healthy habits and routines to last a lifetime.

No longer will you feel like you’re missing out! You’ll be able to plan for and live the life that you want. So, whether it’s that road trip around Europe, learning a new skill or having the fantastic career you dream of, you’ll have the energy, focus, passion and strength to do it.

How I Can Help You:

Working 1-2-1 with you I'll help you to get clarity on what you need to change, what you want to change and how you can make that change, so that you can re-discover your purpose, passion and vitality.

Want to find out more? Let's have a chat over a Zoom coffee. E-Mail me to book in a call.

I specialise in:

  • Burnt Out, Overwhelm and Stress

Do you feel like everything is just too much and yet feel unable to make a change?

It’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself and before you know it you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed and heading potentially for burnout. The signs may be there but you aren't seeing them. It's time to take action if:

  • Your performance at work is lowering and the harder you try to get back on track the worse things seem to be.
  • You're feeling under increasing pressure and that no one is supporting or listening to you.
  • Falling ‘out of love’ with your career and don't know what to do.
  • You've lost your motivation and don't feel like you 'belong'.
  • Increasingly feeling overwhelmed, isolated and detached.

Using a combination of coaching and science based ‘wearable tech’ I can work with you to help you to visualise where and how you can reduce stress, and create healing habits to break free of burn out and re-ignite your life and your career.

  • Life Change/Career Transition

Are you facing a big life change such as a career change, or thinking ‘is this it’ and need to change?

2020 has seen unprecedented change in how we all live and work. And, when we’re faced with big change in our lives it’s important to take time to consider what’s right for you. That can be difficult as well as frightening and exhilarating all at once! As a coach, I’ve lived that experience as well as helping other people through career coaching to thrive and flourish through the process of change and beyond.

Whether it’s redundancy, career change or taking the leap into something entirely different I can help you to rediscover your purpose, passion and confidence to make that change successfully.

  • Wellbeing and Health

Everyone at some point in their life will find that their health and wellbeing takes a dip. But what about when it's more than a dip? Living with a long term health condition can be life changing, but you can still enjoy your life! With over 25 years of health and wellbeing experience I can help you to put in place healing habits to help you live your life well such as:

  • Manage long term pain so that you can enjoy your daily walk or play with your children.
  • Manage anxiety and fatigue that can come with menopause so that you can go on that wild swimming holiday you keep thinking about.
  • If you're living with cancer or recently had treatment for cancer helping you to put in place plans for things that you want to do, whether that's returning to work, or spending more time with your family

The inspiration to change starts with you.

It's your investment in you.

The Benefits of Working Me:

What can you expect when working with a coach like me? Coaching is an investment in you and it’s a unique experience for each person, dependent on why you seek out the help of a coach, but whatever your reason for working with a coach you can expect:

Clarity: I'll help you to ‘unlock the door’ to get clarity around what it is you need and want to do and help you to set personal priorities for action.

Listening: Actively listening to you without judgement, interruption or opinions.

Powerful questioning:  Asking questions that allow you to explore your ideas and to start a voyage of self-exploration and discovery toward realising the change that you want to make.

Someone who is Objective: Remaining objective and supportive without being emotionally attached to what you’re experiencing.

Confidentiality: Working with me provides a safe neutral space in which to explore blocks, challenges and opportunities.

Training, qualifications & experience


I originally trained as a nurse working primarily in heart health and cancer care. I've always loved working with people to improve their health and wellbeing which led me to making a move into workplace and corporate health and well-being.

I love helping people to rehabilitate from ill health, and also work with people to manage and prevent burnout and stress. I find it really rewarding helping people to 'get back on track' and also help them with career transition if a health concern means that they can't or don't want to continue in their current role.

For over 15 years I worked in corporate health and wellbeing. It was so enjoyable being part of and leading a team enabling people to have a fulfilling life at work and at home, by helping them to understand and implement the life and career changes that they needed and wanted to make.

Following a serious injury to my back I could no longer work in the way that I enjoyed so much, so I chose to build on the skills that I have and re-train as a transformational coach,  a massive career transition!

People and their stories are what inspire me to help them and my own change of direction has given me the ability to have a flexible way of working that suits my clients and me, and allows me to work 1-2-1 with people who are committed to making positive change in their lives.


Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching (Animas London)

Originally trained as a nurse (RGN)

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My fees for online coaching start at £65 per coaching session (up to 90 minutes).


Type of session

In person
Home visits

Practical details

Sign language
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I'm currently offering online appointments Tuesday to Saturday of each week with evening online appointments available up to 7 p.m.


Rowena Wood ~ Wellbeing Coach | Burnout and Career Change Coach

Rowena Wood ~ Wellbeing Coach | Burnout and Career Change Coach