Rowena Wood ~ Transformational Life and Wellness Coach

Rowena Wood ~ Transformational Life and Wellness Coach


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About me

Hi, I'm Rowena, and as a qualified transformational coach, I help you to rediscover yourself, and set priorities to ensure great health now and in the future, so that you can transform your life from ‘getting by’ to a future where you live a high energy life that you love at leisure and at work.

When you’re at your best, you’re at your best in all aspects of your life. E-Mail me today to book your free introductory discovery coaching call.

How I Can Help You:

Working 1-2-1 with you I’ll listen to you and I’ll ask questions that will help you to get clarity on what you need to change, what you want to change and how you can make that change.

It’s about re-discovering you and feeling empowered to make the change from where you are at the moment to the future that you want.

It's your investment in your personal development at work and at leisure.

I specialise in:

  • Burnt Out, Overwhelm and Stress

Do you feel like everything is just too much and yet feel unable to make a change?

Using a combination of coaching and science based ‘wearable tech’ I can work with you to help you to visualise where and how you can reduce stress, heal from burn out and avoid overwhelm

  • Chronic Fatigue and Low Energy

Do you want to feel energised and revitalised and ready to face the day every day?

Chronic fatigue and low energy and the reasons for it can often be complex. Are you feeling exhausted from managing the symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause? Maybe you have long term pain or are adapting to living with a recently diagnosed health condition, for example, fibromyalgia or diabetes.

With my background in health and well-being, I’m able to work with you to get clarity on how you can improve your energy and confidence and put a plan in place to get your ‘mojo’ back!

  • Life Change/Career Transition

Are you facing a big life change such as a career change, or thinking ‘is this it’ and need to change?

When we’re faced with big change in our lives it’s important to take time to consider what’s right for you. That can be difficult as well as frightening and exhilarating all at once! As a coach, I’ve lived that experience as well as helping other people through career coaching to thrive and flourish through the process of change and beyond.

Whether it’s redundancy, career change or taking the leap into something entirely different I can help you to rediscover your purpose, passion and confidence to make that change successfully.

The inspiration to change starts with you.

The Benefits of Working with a Coach

What can you expect when working with a coach like me? Coaching is an investment in you and it’s a unique experience for each person, dependent on why you seek out the help of a coach, but whatever your reason for working with a coach you can expect:

Clarity: A coach can help you to ‘unlock the door’ to get clarity around what it is you need and want to do and help you to set personal priorities for action.

Listening: A coach will actively listen to you without judgement, interruption or opinions.

Powerful questioning:  A coach knows how to ask questions that allow you to explore your ideas and to start a voyage of self-exploration and discovery toward realising the change that you want to make.

Someone who is Objective: A coach remains objective and supportive without being emotionally attached to what you’re experiencing.

Confidentiality: Working with a coach provides a safe neutral space in which to explore blocks, challenges and opportunities.

Training, qualifications & experience


I originally trained as a nurse specialising in caring for patients with cancer and latterly heart disease and diabetes. What I really wanted to do though was spend more time with people beyond their acute time in hospital, helping people to improve their health and also prevent ill health.

That opportunity came when I made a move into workplace health and well-being, adding to my training and skills, helping people to rehabilitate from ill health, prevent ill health by making changes to their life and lifestyle and also prevent ill health through safe work.

It was so enjoyable being part of and leading a team that enabled people to have a fulfilling life at work and at home, by helping them to understand what they could do for themselves and also providing them with help, to make the changes that they needed and wanted to make.

Following a serious injury to my back I could no longer work in the way that I enjoyed so much, so I chose to build on the skills that I had and re-train as a transformational coach,  a massive career transition!

People and their stories are what inspire me to help them and my own change of direction has given me the ability to have a flexible way of working that suits my clients and me, and allows me to work 1-2-1 with people who are committed to making positive change in their lives.


Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching (Animas London)

Originally trained as a nurse (RGN)

Photos & videos

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Book a 30 minute Free Introductory Discovery Coaching Call via the E-Mail Button

I always offer a complimentary ‘Discovery Call’ which can be done via phone or online (i.e. Skype) to give you an opportunity to discuss what you want to get from coaching and what you want to change in your life. It’ll also give you an opportunity to find out more about me and vice versa, and how we can work together.

I coach face-to-face in North Cornwall and London and offer other locations in the UK and Europe by arrangement. I also offer coaching throughout the UK and worldwide by Skype and telephone, a flexible option to coaching that’s easy to fit into a busy schedule.

I offer a range of options for coaching designed to suit you and I work with only a small number of people at any one time so that I’m able to focus wholly on each person, supporting each person in their ‘change journey’.

Prices start at £295 for my 3 hour ‘3 Steps to Clarity’ programme

Further information

Special Wellness Coaching Offer:

How would you like to be able to visualise what your health looks like now so that you can set priorities and put in place an action plan for optimum health now and in the future?

I use an innovative, easy to use, 'wearable tech' system combined with coaching to help you do exactly that.

Tell me More:

I'm a qualified to deliver the cutting edge Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment provided by Firstbeat.

It’s a system that’s comes from Scandinavia (who really have the work life balance equation nailed) and it can help you to visualise where your key stressors are and what you can do to find a better life balance.

Over a period of 3 days you wear a small device that records your Heart Rate Variability.

Downloaded data from your device is then analysed highlighting how your current health, well-being and lifestyle is potentially impacting on work performance, leisure time and sleep.

The assessment also includes a personal analysis report with feedback, and a 1-2-1 wellness coaching session of up to 90 minutes by phone or online.

Offer Price: £375

E-Mail me to find out more and book

Wadebridge, PL27

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes
Home visits: No

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: No


I offer appointments Tuesday to Saturday of each week with evening online appointments available up to 7 p.m.