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About me

Welcome to Laughter, Conversations, and Coaching!

Hi, I'm Ritu, I am an ICF accredited  Associate Certified Coach (ACC) that can guide your inner compass to point in the direction of what you want to be, instead of what the world expects you to be.

With 150+ hours of pure coaching and over two years of continuous professional development, I am confident as a coach that I can help you transform your life. So, why choose me? What better way to answer that than with client testimonials:

  1. "...Her sessions always felt non-judgemental warm and light-hearted, which played a big part in making me feel safe to really open up and work through my fears, confusion, and insecurities..."

  2. "She was able to extract all my issues that I would like to tackle, guided me into identifying the most important ones, and best of all - she made me feel that I was able to solve it using simple achievable tools."

  3. "Ritu has guided me through a challenging phase with her usual charm. She has meticulously helped me in clarifying my goal from the clutter, keeping track of my goal, removed bottlenecks in my mind, and encouraged me throughout."

If you feel that despite doing everything right you feel unsettled, or maybe you are running through life on autopilot, your own needs and wants are on the back burner cause really 'where is the time?' I can help you.

Maybe you are not able to hear yourself over the ding of your shoulds, or you crave change but are scared to shake things up, lest everything you've worked for topples like a house of cards. I am here for you.

What's in it for you?

  • Conversations that would help you take charge.
  • Confidence to put yourself first.
  • Ability to make a life without guilt and exhaustion.
  • Tools and ways to discover ways to lead a more mindful life.
  • Letting go of things holding you back.
  • That elusive sense of purpose for your life.

Coaching does mean moving inch by inch and taking charge of your life the good old fashioned way, i.e by asking yourself uncomfortable questions, digging deeper, and moving forward with no hold barred honesty!

What would you need to bring to the table?

  • A burning need to sort your life.
  • The will to put in the grunt work.
  • The decision to be brutally honest.
  • Time, it would take anywhere between 3-6 months ( 6-10 sessions).
  • Investment of £399- £599 ( Monthly payment option available).

In return, I will provide you with a safe, secure, and non-judgemental place where you can be unabashedly you. I will supply a bag full of tools and techniques, that'd help you stay on track and oodles of support, and lots of questions!

My role is to ask the right questions!

So if you're looking for guidance from someone who's already walked the walk and talked the talk, please get in touch to arrange your free discovery session.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Accredited Transformational Life Coach
  • 100+ Coaching hours under my belt
  • Non-stop professional development
  • Diploma in Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and CBT coaching.
  • Currently preparing for an ICF accreditation.

Member organisations


UK International Coach Federation

The International Coach Federation is the professional association for personal and business coaches worldwide.

Coaches can become accredited by the ICF, who have three grades of membership: Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC), with the different categories standing for different levels of training and experience. Master Certified Coach's have achieved a substantial level of training and experience.

Members of ICF are accountable to a professional code of ethics.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Mindfulness
  • Positive psychology
  • Being Authentic Self
  • Personal Development

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Free initial telephone session

Additional information

  • Free discovery session
  • £399 for six sessions


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Please get in touch with any questions or click to book an appointment.

Further information

An engineer and an MBA, I've spent almost two thirds of my career being part of one of the most 'high flying' industries. I've been part of a few major brands, flitting from job to job on a fast growth path, yet being restless all the same. Was I successful? Yes. Did I belong? No.

It took me 9 years to realise that I was not and I will never be, happy just being good at something. To live life my way I needed to be the best version of myself and to get there, I needed to find my sweet spot - where my passion meets my profession. I struggled to get there, meandering, making choices that seemed right on paper but only redirected me away from my goal.

But you don't have to take the long route and not at all scenic route, as a certified and experienced life coach, I can guide you. So, if you are tired of wanting to make a dream life for yourself and not knowing where to begin, then let's have a conversation, I can help you create a life that is both guilt and exhaustion free. With my guidance, you can pursue your passion, and let go of the things holding you back from being the best version of yourself.


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Think we'll be a perfect match for a coach and a coachee? Book in a free session today! I work with you through 4-6 session finding what's stopping you from achieving inner peace I also provide coaching through Telephones/Video calls

Additional languages

Hindi, Bengali


Rituparna Ghosh

Rituparna Ghosh