Richard Anderson MA, BSc (Joint Hons), DMS - Awakening Coaching UK

Richard Anderson MA, BSc (Joint Hons), DMS - Awakening Coaching UK

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About me

Hello and thank you for clicking on my profile!

As a specialist coach in the field of overcoming stress, worry and anxiety, I am the author of Mind-Spirit Detox (currently being published by O-Books), and a fully accredited Awakening Coach.

I am a meditation leader and a fully certified Holy Fire Reiki practitioner. My background is in economics, accountancy (PWC), and senior management in the public sector. I have managed up to 2,000 staff with a budget of some £80 million. What really motivates me, though, is transforming lives that have become dominated by stress or anxiety.

I do this through my writing, through meditation and energy healing but mostly through the incredible medium of the coaching relationship.

If you want to get fast and long-lasting results using the most advanced coaching tools available, you've found the right place.

My training includes working with and studying under the most amazing visionaries on earth, such as Ken Wilber and Arjuna Ardagh. My practice really is at the cutting edge of human development.

I will partner with you for 8 weeks to support you in fulfilling your goals in your personal and professional life and develop plans to achieve these goals. The main focus of my coaching practice is in working with people whose lives have become dominated by stress or anxiety. This can have its roots in many difference causes, such as:

- Career burn-out

- Work/life balance

- Over-thinking

- Being a worrier

- Finance

- Relationships

Check out my website for lots of testimonials... to date, everybody I have worked with has met their objectives because we bring everything to the table, mind, body and spirit. You'll go right to the core of your being but most importantly, the work is practical. It's about you being the best version of yourself possible, and we work in the everyday reality of life.

Here's just a small selection of what people have said about me and my coaching:

"I feel mentally much healthier. I feel I know how to be myself now. What you've done is helped to channel the real me into my life....I have changed my mindset beyond belief. I'm thrilled. I now have the mindset that all things are possible. Even some of my original goals have resolved as I now see the world through a new lens. Brilliant and amazing!"

"It's given me complete freedom. My self-belief is back. I don't have the worry any longer. I was riddled with self-doubt, but I don't have it any longer. I don't over-analyse things anymore. It's just all fabulous, thank you so much!"

“I changed from feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders to skipping down the corridor. Soon after the coaching, I got the job I always dreamt about.”

I am the author of Practising Spirit, and a fully accredited Awakening Coach as well as an organisational coach and mentor through the Institute of Leadership and Management. My background is in economics, accountancy (PWC), and senior management in the public sector. I have managed up to 2,000 staff with a budget of some £80 million. What really motivates me, though, is transforming lives through coaching, meditation and energy healing.

Come with me on an amazing journey to 'awaken' to the real you and the purpose for which you were placed on this planet.

Why is it called Awakening Coaching?

I trained under the world-renowned writer, leader and coach, Arjuna Ardagh. He describes Awakening thus:

"Awakening means a shift in awareness when you taste reality outside the limiting confines of the mind. This is when you know yourself to be limitless, much bigger than, yet containing the body. Awakening allows us to move beyond limited beliefs and assumptions about reality and our life based on past experiences and memories and to fully experience what is actually unfolding in this moment.

When we awaken, we recognize the deception and irrelevance of most thoughts that are passing in the mind, as though our thoughts are a television program in a foreign language in another room. The program can still be heard, but it is no longer dominating our awareness. When the mind recedes in this way, our energy shifts from thinking about life, to being present in each moment. From thinking about life, to meeting this moment fresh, with creativity, humour, and a sense of connectedness to everything around you."

My coaching does everything that traditional coaching does - we recognise your strengths, your weaknesses, your deepest longings and the things about you that you want to change. We set objectives together. We explore how you want your life to be. But with awakening at the centre of it all, and with the most powerful quantum-level tools available to me, I really believe that this form of coaching is right at the cutting edge of evolution. Are you ready to take your life story to the next level? If so please contact me to get started.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Certified Awakening Coach, International Coach Federation Continuing Coach Education
  • Coaching Certificate, Institute of Leadership and Management
  • Meditation Leader
  • Holy Fire Reiki, Devon School of Reiki (The International Centre for Reiki Training)
  • Ken Wilber: Superhuman (Integral) Operating System
  • MA (Masters in Management Studies) Canterbury Christchurch University
  • BSc (Joint Honours Econ/Pol) Southampton University
  • Diploma in Management Studies, King's Fund College London

I have been coaching now for a number of years with fantastic results and client feedback. Subjects include: career development, combating stress, discovering your purpose in life, weight loss. However, I am available for most areas of coaching, so if you really want to take a deep dive in your self-development, please get in touch. Have a look at my website for testimonials:

Here is my popular YouTube Channel:

And click here for some free guided meditations:

So, if you like what you see, please get in touch, I'd love to work with you!


Other areas of coaching I deal with





Photos & videos

  • Be in the moment!
  • With Isabel, my wife...if you want to add nutrition and training to the package
  • Powerful one minute mindfulness blaster
  • This simple trick could stop your stress and worry
  • Introduction to Awakening Coaching
  • Self-Sabotage and Resistance
  • Mind-Spirit Detox Hack - Get Outside!
  • Time Hacking
  • Why is Awakening Coaching for 8 Weeks?
  • You are the Placebo
  • The Biology of Belief
  • Superhuman Operating System
  • Emptiness Dancing
  • Prosperity
  • Polarity Management
  • Attract Prosperity and Abundance
  • Mind-Spirit Detox: The Book
  • Conscious Breathing
  • How (not to) Win an Argument


£500 for full 8 week course. And don't forget the offer of a free initial session... usually takes around 20-30 minutes.

Further information

My wife, Isabel, is a Personal Trainer, and offers packages of body conditioning and fitness, as well as nutrition. As such, we can work together to offer a complete mind, body and spirit re-boot over 8-12 weeks. Check out my website or contact me for details.

Seaton, EX12

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Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: No
Face to face life coaching: Yes

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Evenings and weekends.

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